5 Tips on How to Survive College and all its stressors

Going to college for the first time, second time and even for the last time is an actual roller coaster ride of emotions. Every single day in college is never the same. On some days it can be cool and relaxing, on other days it can be a mad rush of deadlines, written exams, oral reports and papers due. Just having too much of anything can be a big stressor in a typical college life. Each person is stressed differently, and each person has its way of managing these college stresses.

Here are 5 good ways of surviving college and dealing with stress management:

1. Breathe in and breathe out.

Yes, the very act of breathing properly which so many people take for granted will and can literally save your life especially during times of stress. It is basic knowledge that breathing keeps humans alive; it keeps your heart pumping, blood circulating and your brain running and working in top condition. Three minutes without oxygen can cause your body to be comatose and 10 minutes without it can kill all your brain cells , causing death. But aside from the obvious, did you know that the simple act of breathing nourishes, protects and rejuvenate your body’s cells, keeping your immune system strong and healthy, focused, causes strong stamina and lessens the chances of diseases and mind problems. So the next time, you are faced in a tight situation worrying over life on campus, manage your stress by breathing in and breathing out.

*Picture courtesy of www.TotallyUniqueLife.com
*Picture courtesy of www.TotallyUniqueLife.com

2. Take a break.

When you are just having way too much of it, lessons, mathematical formulas, paperwork, demanding professors and such, remember that there is nothing wrong if you take a break from it all. The human body needs some time of rest. When you are sleep-deprived, your attention level decreases, leaving you cranky, unfocused, tired and anxious. Taking a 30 minute nap can make a difference. And when sleep is just impossible, try listening to music, reading a book, writing to yourself, to a friend or family member or take a run/walk outside and have a large dose of fresh air as another means of taking a break. This will relieve the tensions in your body and keep your mind directed far from what’s causing your stress. After 30 minutes, when your brain is all relaxed, you will have new amount of energy to move on with what you left behind.

3. Talk it out.

A tea cup, when full will eventually spill its content and will no longer serve its purpose. Just like you. When you are full of stress, worries and anxieties, you will no longer be fit and functioning not unless you find ways to unload whatever is stressing you out. How do you unload all those negative vibes? Simple. Talk it out. Find some emotional connection with someone you trust; family, friends, teachers, professional help or anyone who you feel comfortable sharing your inner thoughts. It’s not really your vulnerability which is the issue here. The important issue here is how to keep your mental state of mind healthy and happy so that you may function, think and keep loving life the way you should be.

4. Eat healthy.

Food is the essential energy that boosts your mind and body to keep you fit, alert, healthy and more important, give you good memory. Eating healthy and correctly is very important. Eating less or eating in excess every time you are stressed out does no good to your physical wellness. So does taking huge loads of alcohol to unwind you from a very stressful day. Remember, what you eat and what you put in your mouth affect the condition of your brain cells. Eat right, know what to eat, how much you should eat and how it will help your stress manageable.

5. Be a blessing to others.

Divert your negative energy of stress and anxiety into something positive. Do some volunteer works for organizations that needs your help. There are so many people out there who could benefit from your time and caring heart. Donate whatever you have, money or even your time. One great way to be a blessing is by being an egg donor. By being an egg donor, you are helping a couple build their family which they can’t do on their own. Being an egg donor is a noble, selfless and rewarding act. Even just one small egg can bring such a big difference.

So the next time you are bombarded with stress, don’t let it get the best of you. Consider choosing one of the above techniques to help lighten the load. If you have ever considered being and egg donor or would like more information on how you can make a difference we welcome you to reach out to Egg Donor Solutions.

We would love to know more about how you did or are ”surviving college”.  If you have any tips we know our readers would love to hear them.

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7 thoughts on “5 Tips on How to Survive College and all its stressors

  1. One of the best ways to manage stress (for me) is to not get overwhelmed. The way I avoid that is by being really organized. Each week, I type up a sheet that lists out the assignments for each class due, and cross them off as I finish them. Not only does it keep everything in order, but I also feel accomplished once everything is crossed off.

  2. When I get really stressed out with school, I have to schedule a get-away. I have a 6 year old daughter so I’ll take a day to go with her to the movies and maybe the mall. I just find something that’s not school related to take my mind off of everything that’s going on around me. I have to remind myself that worry doesn’t help with anything and it causes wrinkles. So I have some fun, remember why I love life and then get back to the books.

  3. College is a very memorable time in your life! I think back on how stressful it could be at times. For me, I never wanted to get behind and constantly stressed out or have to “play catch up”. I strived to stay on top of all my assignments. I would plan and set realistic dead lines to not only keep me organized but to ensure I completed my assignments on a timely, stress-free, manor. Also, study groups helped me out tremendously! There is so much you can grasp and understand when you are studying and discussing in a small group of your friends or just fellow classmates. Gaining new perspective can lead to a greater understanding.. and sometimes that understanding comes from your piers who might say or ask something with hopes of understanding themselves. Seclusion might be necessary in order to complete strenuous assignments- but don’t rule out the power in numbers.

  4. This is a great article!! All of the recommended tips are on point. I really enjoyed that breathing is #1 (: I really feel that so often people forget that breathing is the key to life. You can live a week without water, a month without food, but only minutes without air! So just be sure to notice how deep your breaths are- and breathe out longer on the exhalation! Yoga is the best way to reconnect to the breath (: Otherwise I recommend hitting the pavement, going for a run, to burn off all that excess energy! Sleeping is a key component in the wheel of life, so give yourself 8 hours each night (you may hear this all the time–but so true!) Lastly, and of course–food is fuel! If you’re not thinking right, eat better! Your body is a ferarri, not an ’87 Honda Civic- give it premium!

  5. I am currently a Senior majoring in Early Education so I know how it can be to get stressed with school! I like to take the time out of my day to schedule a walk or exercise. I find with such a busy day and hardly ever getting a moment to myself that having a walk before, after or even in between school really helps to clear my mind. It releases so much tension from my body and mind. If I have a two hour lunch break, I will just take 30 min of that and do a walk around campus or even on the treadmill at the campus gym. Once I have finished I feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day plus it gives me that little boost of energy that we lose right around lunch time!

  6. College is very very stressful! But just surround yourself with people who are positive and uplifting. The more your friends and family keep reminding you of how great your doing the less stress you’ll have. Just keep in mind. When its all over you will be very happy you did it. Going to college can change your whole future.

  7. This is honestly an amazingly helpful article. I’ve always been the one that thought I was just gonna breeze through, but it takes its toll! I’m a big fan of naps now that I’m in college. It also helps to talk it out, and try to have at least 1 person there that you could vent to! Still got 2 years to go 🙂 It’s worth it!

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