Egg Donor Testimonies

I had an amazing experience as a first time Egg Donor. I was very nervous about the process because I didn't want to mess anything up but, Kallie made it so easy and was very helpful she would response promptly to every email and text. I'm very thankful everything went well and foremost made a family very happy.

- Egg Donor, Dallas, Texas

I've donated twice before through another local agency and I felt degraded and uncared for. The doctors made me feel like I was inhuman and merely just a way for them to make some money. They did not listen to my concerns and I felt awful. I knew I was helping a family, so I donated once more through them but it was nothing at all like Egg Donor Solutions. Egg Donor Solutions is an amazing company who makes you feel like you are a part of their family. They listen to you, they care for you, and they are always there for you. I've never been treated better as an egg donor than I have through Egg Donor Solutions. The whole experience was painless and fantastic. I loved that I could easily get in touch with Kallie, my Care Coordinator at any hour of the day, and that she was more than happy to answer any questions or concerns I had about any part of my process. She made me feel appreciated. I think every woman who wants to help out a family should go through Egg Donor Solutions.

- Egg Donor, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Egg Donor Solutions is the best egg donor agency I've had the pleasure of working with. They treated me like a family member, and were always immediately available to answer any questions or concerns I might have had. I traveled for my cycle and I as so appreciative of the attention to detail my Care Coordinator took when creating my travel itinerary and always made sure I felt safe and taken care of. Egg Donor Solutions not only made the whole process painless to me but the aftercare was also spectacular. I'm very thankful I found them!

- Egg Donor, Phoenix Arizona

This was my first time donating and I feel Egg Donor Solutions did their best to make it a very smooth and pleasant experience for me. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Katy and the team. I know you guys work so hard to help people have babies they want and I'm so glad I was able to donate through Egg Donor Solutions. Tammy from Dallas IVF could not have been better. She was so helpful with everything, her quick response to any questions or concerns I had made the world of difference. I really wish the best for the IP's and want to thank them as well for giving me this opportunity. I appreciate the care that Holly took to make sure that I was ok. Even after the retrieval she took the time to ask if I was doing good and how I was feeling. I appreciate the quick response I always got when I had a question to anything. I look forward to blessing another family in the future!

- Egg Donor, North Carolina

My experience with Egg Donor Solutions has been nothing but a positive one. I felt cared for during my entire experience and am humbled that I was given the opportunity to give someone else the blessing of a family. They are professional, easy to contact, and were there to answer any questions I had along the way.

- Egg Donor, Houston Texas

Being an egg donor with Egg Donor Solutions turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Everyone I dealt with was kind, informative and they were there for all of my needs. The whole process was explained thoroughly and it all moved along smoothly. I would highly recommend using Egg Donor Solutions. I am so lucky to have been able to be a part of their program.

- Egg Donor, Plano Texas

I had such a wonderful experience and would recommend being an egg donor with Egg Donor Solutions to anyone. I appreciated how caring, friendly, and informative the staff was. I loved being an egg donor.  I felt like Egg Donor Solutions genuinely cared about me and my experience.  

- Egg Donor, Houston, Texas

Overall I had a good experience. I traveled from Colorado to Texas to complete the egg donation cycle. While traveling I felt safe, cared for, and knew if I needed something Katy was available. Katy Encalade was fantastic! She always stayed in contact with me and promptly answered any questions I had. If I chose to donate again, it would only be through Egg Donor Solutions.

- Egg Donor, Denver, Colorado

I have now been an egg donor four times. I am so thankful for my experience with Egg Donor Solutions.  Communication was great and Kallie always answered my questions quickly.  I would love to be an egg donor again.  It was a very smooth process from the beginning to end.

- Egg Donor, Houston, Texas

I had such a wonderful experience with Egg Donor Solutions, I have already recommended their program to one of my best friends.  I appreciated how friendly both Kallie and Katy Encalade were throughout the whole process.  Things were very clearly explained in a timely manner so I never felt like I was left hanging.  Kallie, my care coordinator, kept close track of my appointments so that she’d always text message me after each one to see how I was doing.  I would love to donate again.  You guys rock!

- Egg Donor in Phoenix, Arizona

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