Egg Donation Information, Decide if it is right for you

Egg donation is not a simple decision. There is a lot to consider when deciding if it is right for you. A few of the things you need to consider are outlined below:

Mental preparedness

Before engaging in an egg donation, it’s smart to consider the obstacles you might bump into later in life. Egg Donor Solutions facilitates unidentified cycles which means the donor conceived child won’t have your direct information, nor will you have theirs. This could feel frustrating on your part if you want more information about that child down the road. Thankfully the Donor Sibling Registry is a way that you can inquire for more information if desired, but the Intended Parents aren’t obligated to give you any specific information.

Physical preparedness

There are instances that a woman is not qualified for egg donation because she doesn’t meet the egg donation requirements. These requirements include the physical preparation of a woman for the donation process. Women, who are depressed, have had multiple sex partners in a year, take illegal drugs and have health problems are advised not to go through the egg donation process. In order to be eligible in the process, you need to refrain from sexual activity, drugs/alcohol, doing and certain medications. If you can do these things, it will help to ensure you’re physically prepared for an egg donation cycle.

What to expect?

As most intended parents are looking for an Egg Donor, they are looking for donors who have similar physical characteristics as themselves. Donors are chosen based on their profile information and this includes pictures/videos. You will undergo medication injections in preparation for your donor cycle. You will also be undergoing blood draws and ultrasounds regularly to monitor your response to the medications.  A simple procedure under sedation will be done after ten-twenty days to retrieve the eggs. There are basic risks associated with surgery and we recommend you research these to feel confident in your decision.  To read more about the risks and side effects, click over to this Egg Donation Risk and Side Effects Post. Most donors however return to their normal activities one to two days after the retrieval procedure. 

Price and Pride

After the entire process of egg donation, you will be given an incentive for time and commitment (and your kind heart) in helping a desperate couple to build their own family. You will receive a compensation previously discussed with your clinic or agency. Donors use this extra income in all different ways but bottom line, most donors report a great sense of pride in helping a couple that lasts for many years.

Your generosity of being an egg donor is something you can be proud of. But before engaging into such, it is advised to talk with your partner and family or anyone who would be a support system.

After researching egg donation if you decide it might be right for you. The team at Egg Donor Solutions would love to talk with you. We welcome each qualified woman who is willing to donate with open arms.

We help Intended Parents Create Happy Families via Egg Donation & Surrogacy  with the help of caring Egg Donors & Surrogates. 

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