Dallas Egg Donor Shares Her Egg Donation Story

Young women who are in college or recent college graduates look for ways they can give back and make a difference in our world. Ann, from Frisco, Texas, is one of these young women. After completing her education, she ran across information about being an egg donor in Dallas, TX. She was intrigued by the impact she could make in a couples life by being an egg donor.

The possibility of egg donation had not previously entered her mind but after researching information on Dallas egg donation she found that there were limited risks involved, an egg donors compensation is generous, and she could continue with her work obligations while being an egg donor.

She completed an egg donation cycle with a clinic in Dallas, Texas and found it to be a very rewarding experience. She was expected to go to about 8 appointments at the fertility clinic in Dallas during the morning hours. Her appointments consisted of vaginal ultrasounds and blood draws. When it was time (about 3 months after being selected by the intended parents in Dallas, TX) she had the egg donation retrieval procedure. Ann explains her experience as an egg donor as being “A simple process, I felt like I was educated on the egg donation process and would recommend other young women to become an Egg Donor.” When asked after the completion of her egg donation cycle Ann said she would like to be an egg donor again.

Since she was a Dallas Egg Donor and lived in Dallas, she didn’t have to travel although he stated she would welcome the opportunity to do so.

If you are interested in learning more about egg donation or becoming an egg donor, contact Katy at Egg Donor Solutions today!

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