The Perfect Egg Donor Profile

Have you been accepted to our Egg Donor Program for some time now, but still have not been selected for a cycle?

Have you wondered countless times what else is missing from your profile?

Have you considered adding a short video? This just might be the missing link.

During the application, we gave you the option to add a short video of yourself. We understand and respect that not everyone is comfortable with this. It’s okay, we are camera shy too! However, donors who did add a short video of themselves to their profile were more likely to be chosen and to be chosen rather quickly, than those without one. But why?

Intended Parents want to know more about you. They are looking to make a connection. They can read your thoughts and get a feel for you based on what you’ve written on your profile. They can see glimpses of what you looked like growing up and how you look today. All these may or may not catch their interest. However, seeing you talk, hearing the melody of your voice, seeing your mannerisms, etc. makes the whole search more real and personal for them. This really helps to bring your profile to life and show intended parents that they are choosing a real person who truly wants to help!  For Intended Parents, the whole journey is surreal, but the moment they find the one donor, everything falls into place. Upon seeing your video, you are no longer just another face on our database- you are their donor to them!  You are one step closer to changing someone’s life. And not everyone gets the chance to do just that. We can’t emphasize enough how the right photos and a short video can change someone’s life in a matter of seconds.

We have a lot of intended parents looking for great women to be their donors, like yourself, and we want to be sure your profile really reflects the best parts of you so families can see that and choose you! Having a top-notch profile is the best way to be matched quickly! In order to set your profile to our highest standards, we encourage you to do a profile video. You can try to create on your own and upload it yourself or we can help you with it! We offer to record it for you via Zoom (a video conference platform). You literally just have to take about 10 minutes to get on a video call with us, we ask you 4 questions and record your answers! We edit and upload the video for you! So easy!!

If you are interested, please ask your donor educator more about how you can sign up for a time to record this video! You can also email our team at

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