Traveling Tips

Egg Donors can choose to donate locally in the city they live in or travel to an intended parent’s clinic to allow them to be matched with intended parents quicker.  After you have become an egg donor it is important to think of travel if you are open to the latter. Egg donors that are local to the fertility clinic they are working with invest less time off from work, parental responsibilities, as well as school. However, if you live out of state it can be more complicated and it is important that you are educated on this.

Safe Travels

Being prepared is one of the best ways to combat the stress of traveling during the egg donation cycle. Having a care coordinator can help in the process. They are able to arrange fights, transportation, sleeping accommodations, and setting expectations for the city you will be in. A quality agency will be happy to walk you through this process, you should not navigate it on your own.

During the pandemic, we are committed to serving our intended parents & our donors. We are committed to creating families safely and working together. While traveling may look different, we are supplying our donors with masks & sanitizers. We are closely following CDC updates & following ASRM guidelines.

Before the Journey

It is important to know that preparation is essential to the journey. However even the best prepared person can undergo stress during egg donation.

  • Know your destination addresses. Write down addresses to important locations such as the hotels, clinics, donor facility, and other locations. Even if a rental car or phone has GPS, you may be riding in a taxi, Uber, Lyft and the addresses written down can be important.
  • Know your routes. Look up the locations that you will be attending and determine how long you will need to get from one location to another. This can help you determine the mileage and your time frame needed to get to the different locations. Knowing these routes can help you determine the cost of the transportation in a taxi.
  • Check the weather. Know the weather that you’re going to expect. Rain or snow may delay your transportation to your location. Weather can also delay flights or cause traffic issues.
  • Be prepared with contact information.  Have the information of your care coordinator, hotel, and fertility clinic either written down or in your phone.  Never hesitate to contact them for extra help.

Don’t Forget

Sometimes the simple things can slip our mind when we are in a rush, or worried over the outcomes of the impending egg donation process.

  • Medications and Luggage: It isn’t uncommon for luggage to be lost, so be sure to pack essentials in a carry-on bag. Remember to keep your medications in your carry-on bags. Remember to have a doctor’s note so that the airlines will allow you to have the medications.
  • Punctuality: It is important to be on time for your appointment during the egg donation process. Many egg donation retrievals happen during the morning and being punctual is critical. Consider using the wake-up services at the hotel you are staying in. Double up on wake-up reminders.
  • Ensure you understand when your medications are to be taken. Many clinics provide times either via email, phone, or even a patient portal. It is helpful if you share this information with your care coordinator so she can support you.

Enjoy and Relax

It is important that even during the stressful time of egg donations you are able to relax. Enjoy the scenery of the city that you are visiting. Know your accommodation ahead of time; know if there is WIFI or an airport shuttle. Bring your camera and visit the sites; bring some things that relax you like music or books. Each egg donor is encouraged to bring their spouse/partner, other family member, or friend to be there with you through the egg donation process and retrieval.  This will keep you at ease and also as a bonus you have someone to enjoy the sites with you.

Donor visiting San Antonio River Walk during her retrieval.

Care Coordinator

Most egg donation agencies have Care Coordinators or Case Managers to help you through the process from start to finish. Be sure to have your Care Coordinator’s information written down in case something happens to your phone. They are able to help when you get into trouble even though they aren’t with you.

Keep your Care Coordinator up to date on how you are doing. She is always just a phone call away and will be your advocate if you need one.

No matter what happens be relaxed; enjoy the journey through the egg donation cycle.

Hip Hip Hooray, it is retrieval day.

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