What Role Does My Family Play When Deciding To Become A Donor?

Making the decision to become an egg donor isn’t one that should be come to quickly or without consideration to the process. The decision that can change your life if you aren’t prepared for the effects it can have on you and your life. Your family can play a major part in helping you to make this decision.

A donor can possibly have deep emotions regarding the egg donation process. If those emotions are ignored or not dealt with the donor may regret their decision later in life.
Egg Donor

If You Are Single
It is true that if you’re a single female interested in becoming an egg donor you may have less family participation. However, that doesn’t mean that your family can’t and doesn’t play a role. Your family and friends can be a great support system to help you decide if the benefits outweigh the costs. The need to have ”someone in your corner” through this process is a must so you want to decide who you can count on.

If You Are Married
When you are married the decision to be an egg donor may not be only yours to make. You will need the love and support of your spouse or significant other. Not only will you need their support through the egg donation cycle, but you will need them to be beside you in all aspects. You will need to weigh if giving your eggs to help another couple is something you both want to do. You will also need to decide if you plan on conceiving on your own and if that will interfere or change your decisions for you own future family planning.

If You Have Children
Already having a family shouldn’t stop you from becoming an egg donor if that is the path that you will choose. It can complicate things just a little. You might need to arrange childcare while attending to your appointments or your overnight stays depending on your location. Younger children will likely not realize the process you are going through however they may influence your decision to travel for an egg donation cycle.

Some donors choose to make the decision to be a donor a personal choice which is also fully supported. However, you do want someone who you can count on to help you through the process. You are most likely to have support of family and friends when they are educated on the process. Encourage them to learn more and let them know there are resources for them too. Having the support of you family or friends can be one of the most important things when a woman is on the fence about becoming an egg donor. No matter your decision it is important to know that you are making a difference in an infertile couples lives.

If you have chosen to be an egg donor. Tell us more about how your family feels in regards to your decision.
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