Why is it Important for a Donor to Have a Healthy BMI as an Egg Donor?

When you are considering becoming an egg donor it is important that you understand all the requirements and why they exist. One of the basic requirements for being an egg donor is to be between the ages of 21-28 and have a low to healthy BMI, usually between 18 to 29. What is a person’s BMI? It is how body fat is calculated based on height and weight.

Dangers of High BMI
There are many dangers to a person having a high BMI. An individual with a high BMI is prone to health problems. Some of these problems include but are not limited to, heart attack, sleep apnea, diabetes, cancer, as well as other medical issues. There are many sources online that can help you determine your BMI if you are unsure.

Fertility Medications
A person’s BMI can affect them in ways that aren’t always noticeable. In many cases, fertility drugs aren’t as effective in donors with a higher BMI within normal ranges. It may require higher doses of the medication to have the same effect on a woman with a high BMI versus one with a BMI within the required range for egg donors. Fertility medication used can cause Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), which can cause an increased risk of stopping a treatment cycle. This can be a problem for an individual who wishes to be an egg donor as the transfer of an embryo requires completing a healthy fertility treatment cycle.

When it comes to being an egg donor, you need to think about the end results. You will be providing infertile intended parents with an opportunity to have a healthy baby. This procedure will require taking medication. However, during the extraction of the eggs, you will be placed under light anesthesia. With an egg donor outside normal BMI, it can have negative effects on the procedure. Anesthesia with a high BMI can cause a greater risk of respiratory and airway complications.

When deciding to become an egg donor it is important to remember that you are providing another person with what could be another life. In short, we would want to provide it with the healthiest chances to become a fertilized embryo before starting out. Not only is it important for the eggs but also the safety of the egg donor. Becoming a donor is one of the most amazing gifts that you will give anyone; however, it should come with as little risk to you or to the intended eggs during extraction. Having a BMI set within the normal range, between 19 and 29, is something that is important.

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To learn more about what is involved in becoming an egg donor, we suggest you watch this. We also welcome you to apply online or call Egg Donor Solutions a call with any additional questions you may have.


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