Our Story

Egg Donor Solutions was born out of Katy Encalade’s desire to provide intended parents looking to build their family a way for them to find the most compatible egg donor.  She understands that often coming to a place of needing an egg donor is a result of a long journey, and she wants to help you confidently close this chapter with a bundle of joy (or two.) Egg Donor Solutions is committed to being honest about the process involved (including timing and cost), to representing quality egg donors, and to serving your needs-whether that means selecting a donor, giving additional resources, or just being an ear to listen.

The team at Egg Donor Solutions is comprised of previous egg donors, nurses, and social workers who are committed to showing compassion and empathy toward each intended parent, as well as making their journey to become parents as stress-free as possible. They truly have a heart to serve couples and individuals through the donor egg process. Katy has personally walked hundreds of families through the egg donation process and is excited to help you do the same thing.
The team at Egg Donor Solutions has over eight years of experience working in the field of egg donation, and they personally know many people who have been positively impacted through the egg donation process. This provides them a deep passion for the business of helping match intended parents(s) with compatible egg donors. They understand the attention to detail and the organization that is required for a smooth cycle and are empathetic to the emotions of both intended parents and the egg donor.

Egg Donor Solutions is based in Dallas, Texas, but due to the internet, phone, and Skype, Egg Donor Solutions is a nationwide agency and works with clinics, recipients, and egg donors across the country. We welcome the opportunity to get to know more about you.

Meet our Team

Katy Encalade Executive Program Director Egg Donor Solutions

Gayle Garrett Surrogacy Program Director

Kallie Director of Care Coordination

Meg Match Coordinator

Holly S. Care Coordinator

Jordyn Donor Educator

Holly M. Egg Donor Education Manager

Janeth Egg Donor Applicant Coordinator