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This New Mom Did An Amazing Photo Shoot With Her Egg Donor!

We know that each family is so grateful for the egg donor that is willing to give of themselves through this process. It is not a simple task and it takes a caring young women to be able to give in this way. However, it is also so heartwarming when we get to see firsthand how thankful a family is in receiving this gift. Dr. Shannon M. Clark and her husband Rene embody the grateful heart and show it firsthand.

Read their full story here featured in Glamour Magazine.

Dr. Clark is the founder of

An Egg Donor’s Story- Las Vegas, NV

Samantha is an egg donor who has completed multiple cycles over the last few years in Las Vegas, NV.  She became an egg donor when she was a full-time student and very busy with classes.  Samantha says she was able to go through the egg donation process because her class schedule was flexible and she knew she wanted to make being an egg donor a priority.

Initially, Samantha decided she would become an egg donor after a family member of hers had multiple miscarriages and eventually used a donor egg.  She could only imagine how they felt and thought it would be an amazing opportunity to help a family in that way.  After much research, Samantha chose Egg Donor Solutions and began the process to become an egg donor.  She was impressed with how quickly she was matched and also the care and attention she received from all the team members at Egg Donor Solutions.

When Samantha was matched for her first cycle she said she unexpectedly felt “so happy” that a family would chose her as their egg donor.  Becoming an egg donor not only made Samantha feel great about helping a family, but also really helped her financially during a time in her life where she was in school and working.  She feels grateful to be able to be debt free while making a difference in someone’s life. 

The whole process was very simple for Samantha.  She says it does take organization and planning with appointments and medications but that since she is an organized person, this was not a problem for her.  She was able to provide her ‘’black out dates’’ in advance (an important test, a meeting for school, and one trip) and could schedule her appointments and medications around those.  Samantha said she felt very well taken care of during the entire donor cycle.  All the phone calls and emails from her care coordinator and clinic staff helped to reassure her of the decision to become an egg donor.  She felt like all of the staff from the clinic and Egg Donor Solutions cared about her as an individual and not just what she was doing. 

Samantha has completed three donor cycles and I currently available to begin a fourth.  She is truly grateful for this experience and the ability to help families in need.  If you would like to learn more about how college students like Samantha helped a family and earned money while in school please visit,

The Story of a 5 Time Egg Donor

Lauren is an egg donor in the Houston, TX area and is currently set for her 5th egg donation at the beginning of this year.  A few years before Lauren decided to be an egg donor she had discovered that her close friend had polycystic ovarian syndrome and could not have children.  At that point she decided she would be a donor for her friend, if possible, and then decided she would be a donor for multiple families looking to have children. 

Lauren was matched very quickly after she applied to Egg Donor Solutions in March of 2015.  She has since helped multiple families trying to have children.  When Lauren was first matched she said she felt unsure of what to expect but that her care coordinator and clinic staff took great care of her.  Looking back on the whole process, Lauren says her donations were “easy, and I felt very comfortable the whole time.  I never felt alone.” 

Lauren traveled for one of her donation cycles to donate in Dallas, TX.  When asked how she felt about traveling for a donation she said, “logistically, it was a harder time for me just because of what was going on in my life, but overall everything went just as smoothly as my other cycles!” Since Lauren works in the medical field she was close to her monitoring clinics, making scheduling her appointments very easy to incorporate into her daily routine.  Many times, she only had to walk to the clinic from her office on a lunch break. 

Although Lauren didn’t know exactly what to expect from the medications, she had done her research on each medication and how it would affect her body.  She definitely recommends that all egg donors do their research on medications before beginning a cycle, so they are aware of how their body will react.  Lauren shared that she feels very grateful to have the opportunity to become an egg donor and help many families. 


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