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How do I pick the right donor? Will I be able to bond with my baby? How will my family react? What if my child wants to the meet the donor one day?

These are difficult questions we often hear from intended parents. Perhaps you’ve asked them yourself. At Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, our priority is to support you throughout your journey to parenthood and beyond. 

Please join us for our New Intended Parent Webinar: Addressing Complex Emotions & Preparing for Your Future Family. One of our former IPs will share her story of having a child through egg donation – from the fears she had to process to how she chose a donor to how she has navigated being open with her 7-year-old daughter. We will also share important resources to help you plan for your future family. 


2023 Intended Parent Webinar Dates Listed Below

*Note: All Webinars will be held from 7PM – 8PM Central Time. Please register using the links below. Our agency is the only one who will have your contact information. No other participants will know you are in attendance.

February 9th – Registration Link 

May 11th – Registration Link

August 10th – Registration Link

November 9th – Registration Link