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As our team guides and supports intended parents (IPs) in finding the right egg donor for their family, we often focus on the importance of choosing someone with whom they feel a connection based on the donor’s profile. That connection can go both ways, particularly when IPs take the time to write a letter to their donor and/or send her a gift as a token of their appreciation. Many donors have shared with us how small gifts and letters help to personalize the experience and make them feel connected to the IPs whose families they are helping to create.

Marissa*, a six-time egg donor, says she felt good about all her donation cycles, but two stand out because of the thoughtfulness of the IPs. She received a gift bag with a Target gift card and some snacks for the plane trip home following the retrieval for one of her cycles and a letter from the IPs during another cycle.

“The gift basket wasn’t extravagant, but I appreciated it so much that the IPs thought to do that for me,” she says. “It was nice to get the letter because it allowed me to learn about the IP’s motivations, why they needed an egg donor, and how they planned to raise their child.”

Marissa offers the following advice to IPs: “I know the parents are going through a lot to have their child, but the donor is too. Being an egg donor requires a lot of time, dedication, and mental focus, but it’s 100% worth it. When IPs take the time to write a letter, it really goes a long way in helping you feel comfortable and good about what you are doing as the donor.”

Marissa also has a message to share with the families she helped create through egg donation. To the parents, she says, “A lot of time and love was put into making this child, so give them that same love and time.” And to the children, she says, “There’s nothing your parents wouldn’t do for you because they went through a lot to have you – so never doubt that.”

When asked about the best part of her experience as an egg donor, Marissa says it’s the satisfaction of knowing that she helped a family become a family. “Being able to help a family that couldn’t have kids or wanted to expand their family (to complete their family) means a lot to me.”

Are you an IP searching for the right egg donor to help you create your happy family? Our team at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions would love to support you on your journey to parenthood! Please contact us at You can also read about how some of our former IPs chose their egg donors here and here on our Intended Parents Blog.

*Name changed to respect privacy.


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