Learn what to expect when choosing an egg donor with Egg Donor Solutions

We know searching for an agency and an egg donor to make your dreams of a child come true is often a difficult task. Our goal is to make sure you feel supported and knowledgeable of the events that will likely occur during your egg donation cycle. We understand choosing the right donor for your family is a huge commitment. We promise to walk you through the process and support you every step of the way.

Coordinating and facilitating egg donation cycles are our specialty and we strive for a smooth and timely cycle. After the selection of your egg donor, your Care Coordinator will organize your cycle to ensure success. She is continually committed to resolving any problems that may arise in a professional and timely manner.

Step One:

Set up an account to view our Egg Donor Database in the privacy of your own home. You may work collectively with our team or on your own to find and select an egg donor from our program. Please contact us if you have additional questions about a donor or would like more in depth information. We want to make sure that you are 100% confident with the egg donor you select.

Step Two:

Once you have decided on a specific egg donor for your family, please contact our team, to reserve the donor for your egg donor cycle. We confirm all egg donors via email, Match@EggDonorSolutions.com

Step Three:

PLEASE NOTE: Once you reach this step, the process from start to finish is usually about 3 months depending on your clinic’s schedule.

You will receive a retainer agreement from Egg Donor Solutions. You will have seven days to review the retainer, ask any pertaining question, sign the retainer, and return it to our office. With your signed retainer, you will submit a $2,000 Agency Fee Deposit to hold your selected egg donor. If needed, you be will responsible to include any fees in relation to initial travel ($100-$1,500) and/or psychological evaluations ($450-$600).

Egg Donor Solutions $2,000.00 deposit is TRANSFERABLE and also REFUNDABLE if your selected egg donor does not pass the initial medical or psychological screening.

Egg Donor Solutions is unique from many other Egg Donation Agencies because we ALSO do not require our full agency fee upfront. If your egg donor cycle is cancelled due to the egg donor not passing her medical or psychological screening, or if your donor cancels the cycle prior to starting attorney contracts, this deposit is transferable  to any other egg donor in our program or transferable.

Initial Travel Funds vary

If your clinic requires an initial visit for your donor, you will also send in funds to cover your egg donor’s travel to your clinic or her monitoring clinic. This is usually between $100-$1,500 depending on your donor’s proximity to the clinic(s) and your specific doctor’s requirements. Feel free to contact us prior to donor selection if you would like more information about these travel fees.

Egg Donor Solutions, along with most fertility clinics, require each egg donor to have a psychological evaluation and MMPI test each year.

If your donor is a first time donor or has not completed an evaluation in the last year this will be required during the initial screening phase. If a psychological evaluation is necessary, Egg Donor Solutions will request the full amount ($450-$600) with your deposit and we will pay the psychologist on your behalf.

Step Four:

Your assigned Care Coordinator will coordinate with your clinic to schedule and complete all of your egg donor’s initial medical and psychological screening. This part of the process can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the amount of screening you and/or your clinic deems necessary. Egg Donor Solutions will take the lead from your doctor and coordinate accordingly. The initial screening can be a combination of local and traveling appointments. For example, your donor might complete Day 3 blood work and a psychological locally, but travel to your clinic for other sensitive testing.

Throughout the entire egg donation process YOUR physician will make ALL medical decisions for your egg donor which might include testing FSH, AMH, antral follicle count, ultrasound, chromosomal and genetic testing, FDA testing, a genetic evaluation, and any additional testing your clinic requires.

Please NOTE: not all clinics will complete all of these screenings. Please consult with your physician to identify the exact tests they will require of your egg donor.

Step Five:

Once your physician has determined your egg donor has cleared psychological and medical screening, our agency will move forward with requesting your full funds and then starting the egg donor agreement:

Full Funding:

Your full funding amount will be determined when you initially select your egg donor.  We believe it should be outlined in the beginning so there are no surprises.  Full funds will include the remainder of the agency fee, egg donor compensation, egg donor retrieval travel funds, egg donor expense account, attorney fees, and insurance premium for the egg donor.

Direct Egg Donor Agreement

This is an unidentified (unless otherwise specified) contract specifically with you and your selected egg donor. This agreement outlines each party’s responsibilities, reinforces the autonomy of this process, and directly states your rights as parents. Egg Donor Solutions feels this is a necessary step to protect everyone involved. Your contact will include rules and regulations around future contact, but all our agreements will include the option of the Donor Sibling Registry. Whether you use this option in the future is up to you, but we do require it as an option in the future.

You will have two options.

One: Egg Donor Solutions will refer you to an attorney who specializes in the drafting/representation of intended parents and egg donors.

Two: If you have an attorney you prefer who specializes in fertility, you can retain them as your counsel and represent your interests. However, the Donor’s Attorney, chosen by EDS, will draft the contract and represent the donor. If you choose option two, you will be required to directly pay the attorney you retain.

Please note, Egg Donor Solutions will recommend counsel for your egg donor and this fee cannot be waived.

Step Six:

Once the Egg Donor Agreement is signed by both parties, the egg donor can start medications. The donor will follow your clinic’s medication protocol for 2-5 weeks and then have the egg retrieval.

  • If your egg donor is local, she will continue to see your Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) throughout the stimulation.
  • If you donor is not local, she will likely attend local monitoring appointments as ordered by your RE once on medications. Your egg donor will then likely be in town for 2-7 days prior to the retrieval and may stay 1-2 days post-retrieval as deemed necessary by your clinic.

Our agency will book all of your donor’s travel. We understand this is an expensive process and we will work very hard to keep travel expenses to a minimum. Any unused travel funds will be refunded to you after the completion of your cycle.

To complete the egg donation process from the selection of a donor until a retrieval is usually about 10-16 weeks. We know this process can seem overwhelming but know that Egg Donor Solutions is committed to helping you build your family!