Options when facing Infertility

Both men and women sometimes need help when dealing with infertility. Knowing that you are unable to have children without third party assistance is not just a task that affects you physically but also psychological and can cause emotional stress. The encounter of sterility can make you feel insufficient as a partner to your spouse, disappointed at your lack of ability to do something which most people do, and financially overwhelmed by the costs associated with fertility examining and treatment.

Coping with infertility is very similar to dealing sadness or depression. Loss, rage, envy, refusal, pity, and a sense of lacking control are all normal emotions someone might encounter when dealing with infertility, but one should know that, as they are not alone in that difficult time. In addition to depending on your support system and spouse, most of the women and men normally seek group counseling or other forms of therapy to meet with others who are going through similar problems.

Although you cannot have a child the ”traditional way” it doesn’t mean that your dreams of becoming a mom or dad cannot come true. Due to research, medical and technological advancements, there are several alternative options of getting pregnant and are worth exploring to make your baby dreams come true:

  • Egg donation. Some females may want to consider using an egg donor to have a child. Donor egg allows a barren lady to carry a child and give birth. If you choose to use donor egg, you are advised to work with an agency who will help discover your ideal donor match and make the procedure as smooth and worry free (both lawfully and emotionally) as possible.
  • Adoption. This is often considered after other pregnancy alternatives have failed, but this choice provides its own unique set of obstacles. Adoption agencies have very strict requirements which must be satisfied by potential mother and father, and couples may have to wait for a while to adopt a baby, which can be psychologically depleting in itself.
  • Gestational surrogacy.  This is considered either when a women’s uterus or cervix is compromised and may or may not be coupled with an egg donor. Surrogacy is often the answer many intended mother and father have been awaiting. Working with a surrogacy agency will find for you the most ideal surrogate mom who is right for you and be with you in every step of the way: from discussing your options, ideas, and feelings, to choosing a surrogate, throughout the pregnancy journey, and beyond. An organization will also ensure that you are not faced with any legal or moral issues and make the pregnancy pleasant for everyone involved.

Realizing that your fertility is not what was expected does not mean your goals of raising a family have been cut short. There are many choices available to allow females who have been touched by infertility to have a family they have always wished for.

If you are dealing with infertility and looking for further information on using a third party to help you have a child contact Egg Donor Solutions today! They can help walk you through your options as well as refer you to Surrogate Solutions if you are considering using a surrogate.

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