The truth about Male Infertility

Infertility issues are not just accounted to the wife/woman. Scientific studies show that 40% of infertility is caused by the woman, the other 40% is caused by the man and the remaining 20% is accounted to both individuals.

So, infertility issues are not just a gender’s thing. It can happen to anyone, at any age, race and economic status for that matter. It’s not just an issue bothering one country or state. It is affecting the entire globe at a rising number. Here are a few basic truths that NOT MANY know about Male infertility.

4 major causes of Male infertility.

  • Low sperm count :

Until the age of 80, men normally produce sperm eggs in massive amounts (a thousand sperms per second). A normal sperm concentration found in semen is estimated to be around 20 million/ml of semen. A lower sperm count is figured to be less than 10 million/ml of semen. Low sperm count can be caused by factors such as: extreme high temperature (sperm cells need to be kept cool. That is the reason why the male anatomy of their testicle is found outside their body so that these sperm cells won’t end up being fried), taking frequent and long sauna baths as well as intense exercise for more than 90 minutes can affect sperm production. Additional habits such as drugs and substance abuse, smoking and malnutrition (low in Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, and Folate) can also affect sperm quality.

  • No sperm at all:

Complete absence of sperm. This is a rare case (less than 1% of all men and 10% – 15% of infertile men). This may be caused by obstruction (blockage) of sperm cells in the testes caused by infections or exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals.

  • Low quality sperm:

In low quality sperm, the sperm’s motility (ability and speed of sperm to swim towards the uterus) as well as the shape of the sperm’s head and tail is in poor condition to make fertilization possible. This factor is said to be more important than the concentration of the sperms. Some factors causing this is contributed to: exposure to toxins, genetic disorders of the Testosterone, prostate cancer or STD, Mumps and other infections

4. No semen at all:

The semen is the fluid that surrounds, protects and transports the semen towards its journey to the woman’s uterus. Without this fluid, sperm cells are easily destroyed and dried out due to the toxicity of the woman’s vaginal wall. This can be caused by physical or structural abnormalities of the testes, pituitary gland, tubes, or other reproductive structures.

Women and men have the same chances of infertility. If you have reason to believe that you inability to become pregnant is due to a ‘’male factor’’ please seek the advice of a fertility specialist near you. There are still ways to correct it through Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART).

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