What is AMH and what is a Good Egg Donor AMH?

As an intended parent searching for an egg donor women have often completed many screenings and testing themselves.  What some numbers mean for an intended mother is often different than the expectation there would be for an egg donor.  Measuring an egg donor’s AMH is one of those factors.



AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) can help indicate a woman’s fertility.  AMH helps to measure a woman’s remaining ‘ovarian reserve’ by measuring the number of follicles developing in the ovary at a specified time. Once the test is complete, a clinic will compare the results with those of women who are the same age. For some intended mothers when choosing to embark on IVF themselves, they will often go through a cycle when their AMH levels are lower than desired but the expectation of what an ”acceptable” level changes when choosing an egg donor.

Are you wondering, what is a good egg donor AMH?

Most clinics we work with require a 2.0 or 2.5 and above for all egg donors. You will want to consult with your physician to decide if your donor’s AMH levels are acceptable for completing an egg donation cycle. If a donor’s AMH is broadline, many clinics will also order an ultrasound to decide the next steps.

One benefit to initially screening a woman’s AMH is that it can be done at any point during a woman’s cycle.  A donor does not have to wait until a specific time in her cycle in order to have screening completed.  This is a major benefit to intended parents who are looking to qualify for an egg donor immediately.

AMH is a simple test that can be done to save an intended parent(s) from investing both financially and emotionally in an egg donor.  Egg Donor Solutions understands that finding out if a first-time donor has the appropriate level of fertility before completing a cycle is important to intended parents. Contact Katy Encalade, katy@eggdonorsolutions.com at Egg Donor Solutions to find out how you can reserve one of their wonderful egg donors and have her AMH completed all without financially committing to her by paying an “Agency Fee”.

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