Why are egg donors compensated? Is the egg donor compensation enough?

These questions is often raised by both potential egg donors as well as intended parents. When deciding if being an egg donor is right for you, some donors at first glance may think ”this is an easy way to make a buck.” As an agency we feel that statement is incorrect.

Yes, we do think that for the time involved verses the amount of perks a donor gets both emotionally and physically this is a great opportunity. Most donors feel a great sense of happiness when they are able to help a couple build a family. At the time of donation, donors are not planning to create a child of their own so many feel that it is a selfless way they can make a difference for intended parents who just a want a child to love.

At Egg Donor Solutions, Egg Donors are compensated between $5,500-$10,000. This compensation depends on their previous cycle history and is compensation for their time during the process as well the inconvenience, and discomfort associated with screening, ovarian stimulation, and egg retrieval. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has set guidelines for compensation that Egg Donor Solutions and all other reputable agencies abide by. Click Here to visit ASRM’s website to read “Financial compensation of oocyte donors” from the Ethics Committee.

Egg Donors are motivated for different reasons and there is no question that an extra $5,500+ would make a difference for an egg donor. However, most egg donors find there are other reasons they have chosen to be an egg donor.

To the wonderful women who have decided being an egg donor is right for them, take a moment to share with us why you have decided you wanted to be an egg donor.

For more information on becoming an egg donor, please visit www.EggDonorSolutions.com/Egg-Donors or call our office at 972- 675-7240 to become an egg donor.

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19 thoughts on “Why are egg donors compensated? Is the egg donor compensation enough?

  1. My children are my world and bring so much joy to my life. The thought that I could be involved in helping a family experience that joy is what motivated me to be a donor.

  2. I chose to become an egg donor after following my friend’s struggle with with getting pregnant. It was heartbreaking to see something that had been so easy for me elude her. She was finally able to conceive after going through IVF and now she’s a mother to two wonderful boys! I would love to help a family achieve that dream.

  3. Yes compensation helps because u do have to go to doctors apt and it is a lengthy process unlike with men, however, I am donating because I don’t wish to have kids and it takes a village to raise a child and this is my part to help a child be born to a lovely family.

  4. I strongly believe that egg donors do it to help thoes who need eggs the most. I’m one of the women that do it to help another family. I have friends that have problem trying to get pregnant so this makes me want to do it even more. And yes we go throuh a lot is why we get compensated and yes its a great thing all women that can give eggs should do it.

  5. There are so many people out there that want kids and would be incredibly awesome parents but are unable to do so themselves and this is a great way to help. I want to help someone else be able to enjoy the happiness of kids that I enjoy everyday with my own. Children are a blessing and everyone should be able to enjoy their own little blessings. 🙂

  6. Giving life is a beautiful experience. I was able to share giving birth with my family and friends. Since I know how good it feels to be a mom I want to bless a family with the same gift I got. I am honored to bless a family with someone they can share their love with. That is why I want to be a egg donor.

  7. I watched my best friend struggle to get pregnant for two years. She finally got pregnant and after meeting her beautiful baby girl and seeing the struggle she went through I decided to help out anyone that I could. The love I felt for her instantly, I knew I had to help someone out.

  8. There are an incredible number of people that are fortunate enough to have the ability to have children of their own, without help. Often times, these people appreciate this gift and often times they take it for granted. The families that I could potentially help by being a donor, are the people that appreciate the gift of having a child of their own. They will raise this child with love and selfless adoration. The gift of being a donor is one for the child and for the parents and it’s one that I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be apart of.

  9. I wanted to become a egg donor, because I know the joy and wonders of being a mother. I want to be able to help a couple achieve having a beautiful blessing and becoming a family. I know how some struggle so hard, it would be a honor to just know that I did a selfless deed to help others.

  10. I cannot imagine my life without my child. She is without a doubt, my sole reason for existing. The thought that some women aren’t able to produce children of their own saddens me and I would love nothing more than to help someone become a mother. Just like donating blood, I view egg donation as saving a life, as you aren’t truly living until you experience the joys of motherhood.

  11. I would love the opportunity to help another family fulfill
    A dream of having a child. My girls mean the world to
    Me and I would love another couple to be able to experience
    That joy.

  12. I think that helping the families are a big plus. I have been working in the medical field for a while, and I have seen many couples who have miscarried or had unsuccessful pregnancies. Most of these have broken my heart to witness. Once a couple has that feeling of bringing one of their own into the world, and then it disappears, they will do anything to get that feeling back, and will not give up. I hope I can bring someone the miracle of life, and that will be the most rewarding.

  13. I have two beautiful daughters that I cherish so very much. Being able to have a child is one of the biggest blessings someone could have. To be able to help a family experience that feeling and see their child grow and experience firsts is what makes me want to do this.

  14. The reason I chose to become a donor is because the thought of helping a family do something that is as meaningful and beautiful as raising a child is something I can’t pass up. My best friend recently found out that she is not going to be able to have children of her own and I have seen what an impact this has had on her. If I can help another family have a child to love, than the process is completely worth it.

  15. I chose to become an egg donor because my son has been the best thing that has happened to me. I honestly don’t know what I would do without himn in my life and I can’t wait to share that joy and life-long relationship with another loving family.

  16. Everyone should be able to have a chance at having children, whether biologically theirs or otherwise. A dear friend of mine was recently matched up with a beautiful baby girl through adoption. I look at egg donation in the same way, and that is why I decided to become an egg donor. I can only hope that through my actions, someone else will be able to bring a happy, healthy child into the world, and that it will bring them all the happiness they deserve.

  17. The feeling of helping another family or couple to be able to experience the joys of raising a child is wonderful. To you it might just be donating eggs but for them it could be their miracle so to be able to be a part of that experience for them is a wonderful feeling.

  18. Life is too short… every day is a new day… and knowing I can support and be here for a family in this way is absolutely phenomenal. Having such a rare opportunity to help in this way is one of the most amazing blessings to be a part of. As every day goes by… no matter where we are and what we do… we are family. I am honored to be part of such a exquisite cause… we are making life that more beautiful.

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