How to make an impact: Small steps that makes a HUGE difference

As fall begins, people are busily preparing for the start of school, fall activities, and not to mention the parade of holidays just around the corner. With all these activities jammed up, it is amazing to know that there are still a lot of young women looking for ways to make a difference.

What does it mean to make a difference? Making a difference in the lives of loved ones and even to strangers does not need to be big heroic acts. Even simple ones, when made with the purest intentions of the heart to care and share can bring huge impact to others.

No small act of kindness and love is small not to impart a difference in someone’s life. Here are a few acts that you can do today in making a difference in someone’s life.

1. Donate your unused clothes and or pantry items to your local shelter. Did you know that your unused clothes either too small or too boring for you can still be of good use to someone who is less fortunate than you? Not just clothes but also nonperishable pantry items that you no longer need of. By donating them, not only do you give your closet/pantry some space and much needed make-over, but more importantly, you are giving someone a life of new hope. Visit your local center for ways on how to donate goods of this kind.

2. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Humans are not the only one needing care, attention and hope, so does our 4 pawed animal friends. Many homeless, battered and abused animals are in need of such: dogs and cats are just a few of those who need your special touch. If you are not ready to adopt a pet, it does not mean you can’t help. There are many ways to make that difference. Get involved with your local animal shelter . They will guide you on how to make that big difference.

3. Locks of love. Your hair grows 2-4 inches every 6 months, or so. After which, it is trimmed, cut and added into the huge dumps of non-biodegradable, non-perishable garbage disposal. But did you know that your hair can actually be someone else’s treasures? Locks of love is an act of donating your hair that will be benefited by children suffering from medical hair loss. So, the next time you think of cutting your hair, or someone else’s hair for that matter, why don’t you make a difference and donate that locks of hair instead of adding it to the local garbage dumps.

4. Help organize/fund a boys-girls club. Not for you, but for the young boys and girls in the neighborhood of every community. Signing them in a club will not only keep them off from the danger of the streets, it will also develop them, train them, hone and teach them skills that will make them a better citizen. A GREAT FUTURE STARTS HERE.

5. Become an egg donor. Most woman dreams of having her own children and family, in the right time someday. But did you know that not every woman is able to do so when it is time? It is a true story, devastating and heart breaking. It does not take a mother to know the pain, because many woman have the innate desire and instinct towards motherhood. Just by the purest act egg donation , you are giving hope to a family who longs for it, but most of all, you are changing the life to a Woman who deserves to be happy, just like you.

We know there are many things women to do help people. These are just a few examples and we would love to hear from you! Tell us what you have done to help make a difference in the lives of others. If becoming an egg donor is something you would like to learn more about. We welcome you to visit Egg Donor Solutions to learn more today!

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6 thoughts on “How to make an impact: Small steps that makes a HUGE difference

  1. I agree. I’ve donated clothes to the local women’s and children center since I was in my teens. Someone somewhere always needs help in many ways. That’s one of the main reasons for being an egg donor. My partner and I needed a sperm donor to make our dreams of a child possible. If someone could help our dreams come true, why not do the same.

  2. Not only do we always donate clothing/toys we also always donate to Locks of Love. My children also always know that when they grow out of something it will be donated to our local charity for reuse. I am also very active in volunteering with the homeless as well as a crisis line.

  3. I have been trying my best to make a difference for a good portion of my life. I watched my dad do the same, such add running into a burning pet store to save any creatures that he could, when I was 4. Every year, we would buy gifts for under privileged children for Christmas, tip our waitress extra at holidays, adopt all of our animals from kill shelters or the streets, shop and donate to thrift stores, etc. Before I started working while i was in high school, I chose to spend my time volunteering at an animal shelter. I go in long walks in dirty parks and neighborhoods so that I can pick up the litter. I foster animals inneed of a home until one can be found for them. My home is always open to those in need. Every day, I strive to help alife in some way, shape, or form. So often, that I could go on for quite awhile. Helping others is a lifestyle for me, a part of who I am. It comes as natural to me as breathing, as it should to others.

  4. I love to show everyone in this world that I encounter that they matter. I like to donate books, clothes, and old toys to local charities. At work, we filled backpacks for needy students before the school year started. It’s nice to know your helping others if you’ve ever been the one in need, which I have been. I’ve also given groceries to needy families I’ve run into at the grocery store parking lot. They usually are asking for money but if they accept and especially if they have children I will give them as much food as they can take out of my own car. I just know what its like to need and if someone is offering help instead of you just asking, it feels like at least one person cares. I’ve been homeless before and I know every little bit helps. I do what I can for people because I’ve definitely been there.

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