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Self Care Tips

Hey everyone! I am so excited to get to share with you all one of my greatest passions- improving your life with essential oils!  This is especially true during a pandemic when you may have new emotions to deal with, new routines, or even new worries.  As a mom of 5, I love getting to travel the country and help women (and men, too) learn all about essential oils!

When I started diving in and researching the safety of essential oils, especially the safety during pregnancy, I was pleasantly surprised! Not only are oils safe, they can actually be your main go-to for almost every daily issue that may arise.

One of the research studies that I stumbled across was an amazing study where they were actually researching how much of what the mom was exposed to during pregnancy was actually crossing over and going into the umbilical cord blood of the baby. They found that there were over 200 toxic chemicals that were actually getting into baby’s cord blood. And these chemicals aren’t minor things. They were endocrine disruptors, they were neurotoxins, they were cancer- causing chemicals.

The more research I did, I found that the harmful chemicals were things that we’re using every single day—the cleaners we’re using in our home, the products that we use to take care of ourselves & many other items you wouldn’t necessarily think about. As we apply products to our skin and as we use them in our environment, they’re actually being absorbed by our body and being passed right in to our bloodstream. So, as a mom of 5, I have become very passionate about teaching other women how to replace the products that we’re using every single day with something much safer.

Essential oils can be useful for creating a healthy body, supporting the immune system, soothing feelings of discomfort, and more. Because of these powerful benefits, essential oils are useful and effective during every phase of life. By following proper safety guidelines & having a discussion with your healthcare provider, you can feel confident in using essential oils for improving your health.

One thing that we need to address right off the bat is that not all oils are created equally.  You’ll find a lot of different things as you scour the internet about recommendations of what to use, what not to use, and even some fear-based articles.  And, a lot of the fear comes when you’re looking at inferior oils. A predominant amount of oils on the market today are actually synthetic or they’re adulterated (FAKE!). You will find a lot of information on the internet stating that during pregnancy you should avoid essential oils.  That is because many of these oils are inferior.  However, doTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® oil are different.  In fact, based on the third-party studies done on these oils, you will find nothing synthetic or harmful has been added to these oil bottles.  They are so safe that most of doTERRA bottles will come with a “supplement facts” section which actually makes them safe enough to ingest!

Here are some of my top oil recommendations to take care of your body RIGHT now:

Pain: Deep Blue Rub – Rub on any achy joints and muscles

Sleep & Calming: Serenity – Place a few drops in the diffuser or on the bottoms of feet

Anxiety: Adaptiv – Apply a few drops to your wrists or add to the diffuser

Illness prevention: OnGuard – Drink a few drops, place on bottoms of feet, or diffuse

Daily well being: Lemon – Add a few drops to your water daily to remove toxins (use glass or metal cups)

If you are unsure how to use these oils, know that I am here to help.

I take great pride in making sure you are fully supported and educated as you begin your essential oil journey.  If you’re ready to implement these oils into your life, we can meet online to go over your oils and make sure you know how to use them.  You will get 9 days of emails with all of the basic information you need to know to get started, and you will have access to our free, private, members only Facebook group so that you can get your questions answered nearly 24/7.

Here are some great next steps: To view our full pregnancy and oils video go to:

If you’re still on the fence and wanting to learn more or attend an online webinar, simply shoot me an email at and I will be glad to help you individually, or register for my next webinar at

Bailey King

(**We as an agency advise to have your physician & Intended Parents approve your use of essential oils)

For more tips on self care, check out Kelli Gardener’s Guide to a Stress- Free Day

Postpartum Support for all

Meet Chelsea! A busy mom of 2 who offers postpartum support for all of us! 

As a mother of two, I found myself having very different postpartum experiences. With my first, I was prepared for pregnancy and birth but thought everything after baby was supposed to be “natural/easy” and “blissful.” I spent a lot of time after my first wondering what I was doing wrong, how I could project the “perfect mom” image even in my struggles, and why it felt a lot lonelier than I had anticipated. It took me two years to really address a lot of the changes I experienced and I found myself frustrated that there weren’t many people talking about the “taboo” in postpartum.When I became pregnant with my second, I knew I needed to be more prepared-knowing what actually happens inside and outside of my body through the pregnancy/birth/postpartum process and how to be more respectful of myself and my needs. I did so much research, and in the process found that most women had that lonely feeling and wondered why they were so under-prepared for postpartum. I knew I had a gap in my own life and saw so many women feeling that same gap. This was the “birth” of Postpartum Together. Postpartum Together is a 10 week program that brings women together to be more educated on the postpartum transitions and it helps women process their own experience in the safety of a small group. We address the taboo topics, support one another with honesty, no-judgement, and space to both look back to process and look forward in empowerment. It really is what I wish I had after my first birth and I’ve committed to giving this gift to other women. I believe that women who are given this space can then live more connected and empowered. That then has a ripple effect on our whole society. Some education on postpartum (We will discuss some of the changes women experience that they may not realize or that they aren’t taught.) What I found in my own experience and through conversations and connections with thousands of women is that we are not well-educated on postpartum and prepared for how we change.While there are a number of topics, I’ll address three big ones:

1. Brain chemical changes-Our brains change in so many ways from conception through postpartum. This isn’t limited to perinatal mental health disorders, this is ALL of us. Our brains create new neurological connections and we are rewired in so many ways. Women feel confused about how they’ve changed, but it is scientifically backed and totally normal. When women realize that they become “rewired” in many ways, they can appreciate all the things they are navigating and the changes they are experiencing.2. Relationship changes-From communication to sex and everything in between (and honestly it’s all intertwined!) women are often surprised at the strain a new baby can have on a relationship. We see pictures of how blissful a family looks and feels and those are very valid and beautiful moments, but there are often very dark and hard moments a couple experiences. Lack of sleep, new stress, changes in roles, household management… so many things contribute to how a relationship changes, and without preparation and support through that, many relationships become filled with confusion, resentment, and distance (perhaps just for a short season, sometimes for longer).3. Identity changes-A woman spends years finding her identity,and when entering motherhood, so many new things take the forefront and priority. Many women have shifts in relationships, friendships, personal time, work, home duties, etc. These things can cause many women to feel like she has lost her identity and is going through the motions. It can be difficult to find time to work through these feelings (which is why we put a huge emphasis on this in our small groups!)Some ideas for postpartum women (We will offer a tip for your relationship with your partner, your relationship with body image, and motherhood comparison on social media.)It is natural that postpartum comes with many shifts, changing seasons, new joys, and new uncertainties. Every new baby is a shift for all involved. However, being honest and proactive can open a lot of doors to minimize the stress from these changes and be more present in the moment.While there are a number of practices that have proven to be effective for women I work with, I will leave you with 3 things I believe can enrich your postpartum experience and give you space for an honest experience through the highs, lows, and every moment in between.

1. Be very intentional about your intake. This goes specifically for social media. You have all the power to decide what accounts, businesses, etc. that you follow. You are responsible for taking in things that give you life and make you feel connected. If you follow something for “inspiration” that actually leaves you feeling bad, it’s time to step away. If you’re following profiles that trigger shame or comparison, step away. Be intentional about how you use social media.2. Address relational tension proactively. Anticipate that long nights, parenting decisions, etc. can bring some tension. Talk proactively about how you and your partner communicate. Set aside time and keep a list of topics you need to address proactively. Remind yourself that you’re on the same team but also you come from two different perspectives and life experiences. The balance is respecting those differences while finding ways to operate as a family unit.3. Commit to always appreciating what your body has done. There are many physical changes that happen from conception through postpartum. As women, we are often very tied to our physical bodies and our perception of them as well as other’s perceptions. When we feel critical of our changed bodies, it spills into our relationships, our confidence, our identity, etc. Find someone who truly understands the changes and how to care for your body (If you want to exercise, find someone who specializes in postpartum and understands body changes.). It can be very tempting to put pressure our bodies at this time, but all bodies change differently and honoring and respecting that is truly transformational.

Baby Essentials… do you have them?

Congratulations!  Your bundle of joy in the next few months! There are so many emotions and so much to do, so let’s talk essentials! 

Is the nursery ready? Do you have the crib, bassinet, bedding, rocking chair, changing pad, and baby monitors? Have you discussed if the baby will co-sleep? Have you decided if you will sleep train and have you really thought through what the first few days will look like logistically?

There are so many gadgets and gizmos for new babies.  These range from bottle steamers to wipe warmers to stationary strollers to stroller SUVs!  It is a good idea to have a variety of bottles & formula available because babies will quickly pick their favorites. You will also need bathing essentials, including a newborn tub. You will need toiletries such as mini nail clippers, creams and ointments and above all else, you will need DIAPERS!!!  Do you know in the first 3 months how many diapers you will use? We attached a guide below, and you may want to get stock in diapers now!!

Lastly, and most importantly, is safety! You will want to start babyproofing the house once the baby starts scooting around. You will want to ensure you have a first aid kit, thermometer, and fire extinguisher.  It is also a great idea to get the house cleaned and your air filters changed. Lastly, you will want to ensure your car seat is installed properly!  Car seat installation can be a daunting task for anyone, but it is extremely important that it is installed correctly.  (75% are actually installed incorrectly when inspected!)  For many years, you could have your car seat inspected for proper installation but not all firefighters are certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians. To find a certified tech near you search the online directory on the National CPS Certification program website or through your local hospital.

Have you discussed taking some new parent courses at your local hospital? It is always great for a class on the basics like swaddling & how to change a diaper.  Hospital education classes are great to help get you ready for baby! Many include sessions that will provide guidance and support as parents go through “on-the-job training”. The general topics covered include infant bathing and dressing, various ways the infant communicates through crying, sleep patterns, signs of illness, when to call a care provider, and the needs and adjustments of becoming a family. Some hospitals even provide courses on introducing your pets to the baby.

Rest assured, you have the time & support to make sure you are perfectly prepared for the new boss, uhem, we mean bundle of joy arrives. Stay tuned for our next edition on how to get organized & prepared financially for the newest member of your family.