Learn About the Medications in an Egg Donor Cycle

As a company, we place a high emphasis on education and so, we want you to be prepared for what medications you might take in an IVF/Egg Donor Cycle. The previous donors on our team have been through this and we are here to support you. Please take the time to review the medications and the videos. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

Please Note: The following medications are the oral and injection medications we typically see prescribed during a cycle. There is always a possibility that your clinic will follow a different protocol with different medications depending on how your body is responding.

OPTIONAL Travel to Retrieval City

If you are a traveling donor, you will travel to the retrieval city around day 7 or 8 of administering the injection medications and you will be there until your Egg Retrieval takes place. (You will be traveling for approximately 7-10 days.)

OPTIONAL Travel Back Home

If traveling, you will typically be able to go back home 36 hours after your retrieval.

OPTIONAL Post-Retrieval Medications

Depending on your bloodwork levels at the time of retrieval, your physician may order you medications for post-retrieval. Any single or a combination of the following medications could be prescribed.

  • Reason for Use: Help bring Estrogen levels back to normal
    • Cabergoline – typically one pill per day for 8 days post-retrieval
    • Cetrotide – typically one injection per day for 3-5 days post-retrieval
    • Ganirelix – typically one injection per day for 3-5 days post-retrieval