We Are Here to SERVE You

Egg Donor Solutions was born out of Katy Encalade’s desire to help couples and individuals create their happy family by finding their most compatible egg donor. She has over 13 years of experience working in the field of egg donation and she personally knows many people who have been positively impacted through the egg donation process. This allows Katy a deep passion for the business of helping match couples with compatible egg donors.

Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions has worked hard to build a team with knowledge surrounding many aspects of this process. We have members of our team who have been egg donors, surrogates, nurses, social workers, and people who have built their families via egg donation or surrogacy. We understand what it takes to have a smooth cycle and are empathetic to the emotions of both intended parents and the egg donors. We strive to show compassion and empathy to the intended parents as well as make their journey to become parents as stress free as possible.

Egg Donor Solutions is based in Dallas, Texas, but thanks to technology, is a nationwide agency and works with clinics, recipients, and egg donors across the country. We welcome the opportunity to get to know more about you.