Egg Donor Solutions is 100% committed to helping you build your family using an egg donor and we are excited to be a part of this journey with you.

We pride ourselves in being a unique agency where our team truly embraces a caring and empathic spirit, while providing the highest level of professionalism. We are an egg donation agency that focuses on you and tailors the search process, and even the guidance of your egg donation cycle, to what works best for you.

The Personal Touch:

We understand that you have likely already been on this journey to build your family for a while.  The last thing you need is to be shuffled around through an agency.  You can expect with Egg Donor Solutions to be treated with respect and work with one person who knows your case.  After you work with one of our Match Coordinators to find your Egg Donor, you will then be assigned a Care Coordinator.  That Care Coordinator will walk you through each and every step of the process.  You will never wonder how or who to get a hold of. Your Care Coordinator will always keep you informed of how your cycle is progressing and be available if you have questions.

Financial Aspects:

At Egg Donor Solutions we provide a service to help you find the best egg donor for your family. This means we are committed to helping you do that by providing as much information as we can to help you make that decision and it not breaking the bank.

To view our egg donor database and request additional information on an egg donor is free.

We do not charge any consultation fees.

Our office is happy to schedule a 3 way call, zoom, or skype with your egg donor as you move forward.

We do not charge a hold fee (at any time you may request a 3 day hold to decide if a donor is right for you).

We do not charge to send a proven egg donor’s records to your primary physician for his/her approval to move forward.

We often talk with families that are uneasy about the initial testing process and are not ready to jump in and pay a large agency fee to select a donor. The often wonder, what if our egg donor doesn’t pass screening? What if she isn’t a suitable candidate? What if she changes her mind? We understand this can be stressful so we do not require our full agency fee up front. We only require an initial deposit of $2,000 to secure a particular donor. We will work to ensure the first egg donor you select clears testing successfully; however, we know there are unforeseen events that can arise. For this reason, our agency will transfer your deposit to another donor of your choosing or REFUND the deposit if your selected Egg Donor doesn’t pass medical/psychological screening or on the rare occasion, decides not to move forward.

Egg Donor Solutions understands this process is expensive and we want to limit the cost you incur as much as possible. We will never charge more than one agency fee prior to a completed egg retrieval. Rarely does it occur, but at times, the egg donor may not respond well to medications, have a change of heart, or cannot complete the process due to unforeseen complications. In this case you will NOT pay an additional agency fee to select a new donor for your family. Additionally if you do not achieve a pregnancy with the first egg donor cycle, Egg Donor Solutions will facilitate another cycle for no additional cost.

You have likely experienced enough through your journey and the last thing you need is a surprise on the cost of the services our agency provides. You can expect from Egg Donor Solutions an accurate fee breakdown when selecting a particular egg donor that reflects the fees associated with that selected egg donor. We are happy to provide that breakdown PRIOR to the official egg donor selection.


Our agency is committed to providing attention, education, and support through this part of your journey. Please contact our office if there are any questions we can answer for you.