What are the egg donor qualifications?

To qualify as an egg donor, an egg donor candidate must be physically, mentally and psychologically fit for the egg donation process. You must have the commitment, the time, the patience but most important, each donor should have a positive and caring outlook towards the idea of being an egg donor. Having children or getting pregnant easily is an added benefit but not the only indicator that qualifies you to be an egg donor. Therefore, it is very important that each egg donor understands the egg donation process, what is expected from each donor, and what possible impacts you (the egg donor) will be generating to future intended parents.

Not many people have a thorough knowledge of what being an egg donor is all about. Many have misconceptions that donating one’s eggs can be harmful to one’s health. Some may even look at it as a desperate measure to end financial instability. It is true that once an egg donor completes an egg donation cycle, she is given a financial amount. Some call it payment, but the correct term to be used here is “compensation”.  The egg donor is given a compensation for her time, inconvenience and possible discomfort.  An egg donor’s decision to donate her egg is an act of utmost kindness to intended parents who are very eager to have children of their own, and we know you cannot put a price on that generously. Different women are motivated to donate their eggs for various reasons but for many, it is more than the egg donor compensation; many times it has something to do with helping other experience the joy of being a parent and giving them the chance to enjoy what they are unlikely to experience on their own.

Unknown to the egg donor, the moment she applies, her patience, commitment to the tasks as well as her full understanding to what it is all about is already being tested. If she doesn’t have the patience to undergo all these, she just might not be the right candidate. It is important that possible egg donors have positive and enthusiastic outlooks towards the process.


As an overview, here are some points that will qualify a candidate to be a an egg donor:

  1. Must be between 21 and not more than 30 years old.
  2. Must be drug free, tattoo free and blood transfusion free for the last 12 months prior to egg donation.
  3. Must be a non-smoker.
  4. Must be committed from not drinking alcohol during the egg donation cycle
  5. Must not have any history of reoccurring genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities.
  6. Must have a clear medical history both mentally and physically and not taking any current medications to correct a disorder that could possible effect the egg donation process or react with the medications.
  7. Willing to travel anytime to have certain tests and screenings.
  8. Has a flexible schedule to accommodate the egg donation cycle and the appointments she will have to meet.
  9. Are emotionally stable with healthy outlook and perceptions in life.

If you answered YES to all of these, and have a healthy and active lifestyle that fits perfectly with the egg donor requirements; you just might be the one we are looking for.

Why don’t you do an act of kindness today? By sharing your eggs, you will be giving a gift of life to couples who yearn to have their own family. Make a difference today.


For more information about being an egg donor in Dallas, TX or any other city in the country please go to www.eggdonorsolutions.com to fill out the confidential prescreen application and start the process of becoming an egg donor. 

Egg Donor Solutions is based in Dallas, TX but works with donors, doctors, and intended parents.  No matter where you live, we welcome you to apply. 

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