Egg Donor Solutions: We Are Here to SERVE You

Egg Donor Solutions exists to provide a fulfilling experience through meaningful relationships, education, and guidance on the journey to create a happy family.

As former Egg Donors and Intended Parents, we understand what both parties are looking for through the egg donation process and are committed to providing it:

  • Education
    • We help Intended Parents decide if Egg Donation is the next right step for them.
    • We have a network of professionals: counselors, psychologists, genetic counselors, physicians, and attorneys.
    • We want each donor confident in their decision to donate and dedicate the time and resources to educate women on their decision, so they are confident in the process and ability to help.
  • Quality Match
    • We consider the experience and preferences Intended Parents are looking for to find an Egg Donor match they are comfortable with to help create their family.
    • Our Egg Donor Database is one of a kind when it comes to searching based on specific criteria and the detail provided by each Egg Donor.
    • Some of the criteria you are able to search by is location, previous donation history, physical characteristics, healthy history, education, and hobbies.
  • Provide Support and Guidance
    • You will be provided one coordinator on our team that will walk you through this process start to finish. They will ensure each part of the process goes as smoothly as possible.
    • Your Fertility Clinic decides on testing, screening, and medication protocol. Our Coordination Team works with your Fertility Clinic to ensure monitoring, travel, and retrieval is scheduled and planned for ease of all parties.
    • We offer post-birth/retrieval support for families and egg donors to connect with others and even each other if both parties choose to.
    • Intended Parents and Egg Donors can rest assured knowing our team has coordinated over 1,000 Egg Donation Cycles.

With over twelve years of experience working in the field of egg donation, we personally know many people who have been positively impacted through the egg donation process. Read what one Intended Mother had to say about her experience.

Diagnosed with low ovarian reserve, Carrie says, “It was hard news to hear and surprising because my doctor couldn’t give us an explanation for it.”

Carrie was determined to have a child and underwent four rounds of IVF before becoming pregnant with her daughter, Willow (now age nine). When Willow was two, Carrie and her husband, Jeremy, decided to try again. But when another attempt at IVF resulted in a single embryo that wasn’t viable for transfer, they knew they had to take a different path and chose to pursue growing their family through egg donation. “We really wanted Willow to have siblings, and she really wanted them,” Carrie says. “It was comforting for me to know that she would have a genetic connection to her siblings [through Jeremy].”

After a negative experience with another agency, Carrie and Jeremy were referred to Egg Donor Solutions (EDS) where they had the opportunity to do a Skype session with their selected donor. “It was a great match,” Carrie says of their connection with the donor. “Our experience with EDS was the complete opposite from the first agency. Every step along the way, we knew what was happening and were made aware of the timeline. They were organized and empathetic; it was a fantastic experience.”

When asked how she feels about the significance of a genetic link now that she has both biological and donor-conceived children, Carrie says, “There’s no difference in the love I have for each of them. With Willow, I see a lot of myself in her. Physically, she’s my mini-me, but there are parts of her personality that are foreign to me. With Zoe and Cooper, we may not have a genetic connection, but they are 100 percent my children. I grew them, I nursed them for two years, and I’m raising them.”

Egg Donor Solutions is based in Frisco, Texas, with offices in Tampa, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. With advancements to communication technology, Egg Donor Solutions is a nationwide agency and works with Fertility Clinics, Intended Parents, and Egg Donors across the United States. We also work with Intended Parents internationally who choose to travel to the US to complete their Egg Donor Cycle. We welcome the opportunity to get to know more about you.