Is Egg Donation right for you?

Egg donation is not a simple scenario. There are still considerations you need to think about and possibly discuss with your significant other and/or close friends/family before deciding if donating is right for you.

Women must bear in mind that egg donation requires a thorough decision process for the sake of the future undertakings she might encounter, may it be beneficial or not. Before getting involved in the process of egg donation, you need to be conscious about these things. Being mentally prepared, educating yourself, and deliberating about thoughts/feelings you might have about it in the future.

Most cycles are unidentified, so you will never learn or know the child that was conceived out of your donated eggs. It is helpful to be in a stable environment with supportive family and friends near by.

Physical preparedness, it is best to live an active and live a healthy lifestyle. One requirement includes the physical preparation of a woman for the donation process. Women, who have incurred mental or health problems are advised not to go through the egg donation process. In order to be eligible for the process, you need to refrain from sexual activity, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and certain medications. If you can do these things, it will help to ensure you’re physically prepared before plunging into an egg donation cycle.

What to expect? Most Intended Parents chose Donors who have something in common with them, this could be physical characteristics or interests. Donors are picked based on information found on her donor profile, and this includes pictures and videos.

Donors undergo injectable medications a few times a day for preparation of the retrieval process. They also undergo blood draws and ultrasounds regularly to monitor their response to the medications. It is also very helpful to have a flexible schedule & childcare arrangements, if you have children, because there will be several doctor appointments prior to the actual egg retrieval.

One benefit of becoming an egg donor, is learning about your own genetics and fertility health. You learn your genetic make up and if you could potentially be a carrier for any genetic mutations, some of which are common and others can be more of a significant concern. The retrieval is a simple procedure that takes place under gentle sedation (about ten-twenty days after starting medications) to retrieve the eggs.

There are basic risks associated with surgery and we recommend you research these to feel confident in your decision. We are available anytime to discuss any questions, concerns in detail that you may have. Most donors however return to their normal activities one to two days after the retrieval procedure. To read more about the risks and side effects, click over to this Egg Donation Risk and Side Effects Post.

There is no out of pocket expense to you through the Egg Donation process. After the retrieval, your compensation for your time and commitment will be available. Donors use this extra income in many different ways, some buy cars, homes, pay off student loans, pay for weddings or taking lavish trips.

We help Intended Parents Create Happy Families via Egg Donation & Surrogacy  with the help of caring Egg Donors & Surrogates. 

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