What makes a great egg donor?

Due to the high rise in infertility issues and problems, many couples are now resorting and finding hope in Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). Egg donation is one example of this. In egg donation, a qualified egg donor who has undergone an intensive, thorough strict screening by a fertility clinic who provides her eggs for retrieval for the sole purpose of producing a fertilized egg which will be implanted back to the future mother or a chosen surrogate mother. In this process, the same InVitro fertilization methods used with infertile women are used with an egg donor.
This procedure has been proven to be safe, reliable and has high percentage number of successful pregnancies. But this process is not a short one. Under normal circumstances, it may take 6-14 weeks. If you are interested to become an egg donor, here are a few factors that make an egg donor a great candidate:

Proven Fertility
A great egg donor candidate must be fertile. She must have donated before or had a successful previous pregnancy of her own which lead to giving birth to healthy babies. Previous healthy pregnancies are good indicators that a candidate would most likely have successful chances of repeated pregnancies. All women are encouraged to apply but women with proven fertility at time have their foot up on the other donor choices.

Clean Personal and Family Health History
A great candidate is to have a clean personal health history. She must not have been diagnosed/treated for any STD’s in the past year, must not have inherited any genetic conditions (or be a carrier), must be alcohol-free, smoke-free and drug free. An egg donor candidate must possess a healthy lifestyle and is an epitome of what good health is all about. Aside from her personal health history, her family must also be as healthy as well. They must have no genetic conditions which they may possible pass to the egg donor candidate. If her family does possess a certain disease, it must not be infectious and there must not be more than two family members on the same side with the same disease. If disease does exist, it is acceptable that such disease is brought about by old age. Family member’s sick with a serious condition must not be diagnosed within their 40’s or earlier. If they were, they may be unlikely to be picked and matched. The best condition for the eggs to succeed into a successful pregnancy is when the egg donor herself keeps her body and mind healthy.

It is not required for egg donors to have a GPA of 4.0 or to have an impressive ACT and SAT test result. It would be an advantage though to have some college degree but is not the main factor of being approved. Each egg donor however is required to be at least a high school graduate with a high school diploma or GED.

Flexible Schedule and willing to travel
In some smaller areas, clinics specializing in egg donation process may not be available and may require medical tests to be conducted in other parts of the city or state. If this is the case, visits would then have to be arranged in the soonest time possible. A candidate who is not willing to travel is limiting her chances of getting selected. It is very important for an egg donor to have a flexible schedule so that anytime a medical test and screening has to be scheduled; she may attend to it immediately. Since money and time is involved here, it is important to have egg donors who are committed to what they have agreed to do. It is understood that donors are at times very busy but once being selected as a donor each donor needs to understand it is a huge commitment. When a donor shares her schedule in the beginning it is often easy to work around important dates.

Caring heart and enthusiasm to help couples
The best donors are not only physically, emotionally and mentally fit but are compassionate, enthusiastic and have positive outlooks on life and the egg donation process in general. Each donor must value their life and fully understand the joy and beauty of having children or helping someone to do so. We have found women who processes these characteristics understand the importance of the process and are caring, committed and great to work with.

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