Egg Donor Program Fees

We understand that the process of building your family using an egg donor can be very expensive.  We value upfront transparency so you may understand the financial obligations of an egg donor cycle.  Typically, the fees you will pay for an Egg Donor Cycle with Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions are $19,000-$29,000 with most families spending around $24,000. We can work with you to keep these expenses on the lower end (it depends on the egg donor you select). Please review our fees below and if you have any questions, feel free to contact our office directly.

Agency Fee: $6,950

Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions’ Agency Fee is paid in two installments (the deposit installment and then a second installment). This Agency Fee includes egg donor matching services, current (within 12 months) AMH testing for up to two egg donors upon selection, a genetic assessment completed by a licensed genetic counselor (if not completed by your fertility clinic), egg donor travel coordination, cycle coordination, fund management, post retrieval/transfer follow up, and coordination with The Donor Sibling Registry (if requested).

Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions will facilitate a SECOND cycle for NO additional Agency Fee if the first cycle does not result in a pregnancy and there are no remaining embryos.

Please note there is an additional $500 international cycle fee for intended parents residing outside of the U.S.

$2,000 Agency Deposit Installment

This fee is due upon selection of an egg donor. The deposit installment is always TRANSFERABLE but may also be REFUNDABLE if your selected egg donor does not pass medical or psychological screening and is deemed to be an unsuitable egg donor by your IVF Physician.

$4,950 Second Installment

Once your egg donor has cleared FULL medical/psychological screening as determined by your physician, you will be responsible for the second agency fee installment.  This agency fee is good until a completed egg retrieval. We do not charge to rematch.

Egg Donor Compensation: $9,000-$14,000*

We appreciate the time and effort our egg donors put forth in the process and we know you will too. Each egg donor has compensation between $9,000-$14,000. All first-time donors are $9,000. With each subsequent egg donation cycle, an egg donor is compensated an additional $500-$2,000 up to $12,000 in most cases. Some egg donors may request up to $14,000.

Egg Donor Expense Account: $250/$500

This fee varies for the Egg Donor’s proximity to your chosen fertility clinic for miscellaneous expenses associated with the Egg Donation cycle.

Egg Donor Major Medical Complications Insurance: $325

Insurance is paid on your egg donor’s behalf prior to starting injection medications. This insurance covers major medical complications the egg donor may have as a result of her egg donation cycle.

Psychological Evaluation: $600

Each egg donor must complete an annual psychological evaluation before donating.

Escrow Management Fee: $400

Each client is required to establish a Third-Party Escrow Account through SeedTrust. This streamlines financial communications. All funds due to the agency, your donor, and or other professionals will be easily tracked here. Learn more about SeedTrust, their program, and their wonderful team here.

Intended Parent and Donor Agreement Attorney Fee: $1,500-$2,000

This fee includes the drafting and the representation of the Intended Parents and Egg donor for the “Direct Egg Donation Agreement.” Attorney’s fees vary by state and are determined by each individual firm and not by Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions.

The contract agreement details both parties’ rights, obligations, and expectations with regard to the egg donation cycle.  Most contracts will include financial responsibilities of each party,  establish parental rights for intended parents, expectations, and obligations for the donor, and explain your preference for the type of egg donation agreement (known or unidentified).

Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions does permit the recipient to hire their own attorney to represent them in the contract pending he/she practices fertility law. In this instance, the attorney fee for the recipients would be waived as they would pay the attorney directly.

Travel for Egg Donor: $1,000-$4,500

Varies by egg donor’s proximity to your chosen fertility clinic, the number of nights she has to stay locally to your clinic, and the number of appointments they require of her.  Based on our experience of facilitating and booking many egg donor’s travel, Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions will estimate the cost of travel.  We work diligently to keep those costs as low as possible.  All unused funds will be refunded at the completion of the cycle.

Contact our office for more details when selecting a specific egg donor.

Additional Fees:

Please inquire with your primary IVF Physician for fee information in regards to egg donor’s medical screening, cycle monitoring appointment fees, and injectable medications. These medical fees are paid directly to the clinic providing the service and our office cannot give you an accurate estimate of these fees. We are willing to help you estimate these fees by working with you and your clinic. Please contact our office for more information.

If your chosen egg donor does not live locally to your clinic she will have a "monitoring clinic". This clinic will assist with 2-6 appointments at the direction of your clinic. These fees will be paid directly by you with a credit card that is provided to the monitoring clinic. These fees are typically between $1,000-$3,500 depending on the tests your clinic orders.

What Makes our Fee Schedule Different:

We do NOT require a full agency fee upfront, only a $2,000 deposit.
We do NOT charge for a phone or video call with your prospective egg donor.
We do NOT charge for a rematch.
We do NOT charge a higher agency fee for a traveling egg donor or a proven egg donor.
We DO offer a refund if your egg donor doesn’t pass medical or psychological screening.
We DO offer to facilitate a SECOND egg donor cycle if your first does not result in a pregnancy and you are left with zero embryos. We are not aware of any other program willing to do this.

Here are some financing options that are available to you:

Prosper Healthcare Lending

Future Family*

*A 4% service fee might apply to credit cards and financing transactions.

Please note: Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions is not affiliated with or endorsed by either of these companies.