Are You Thinking of Being an Egg Donor?

The precious gift of a child is what people that become egg donors allow parents that cannot conceive a child by themselves. If you have considered this then there are a few things that you need to know before you make a life-changing choice.

It is important that you think about all of the consequences of egg donation and are happy to allow your eggs to be used to help other couples to have children.

You may be looking at egg donation as a way to help people that are in terrible situations or you may be interested in the financial rewards for the time and effort involved in the process. It is not uncommon for both reasons to be on a donor’s mind and it is wise to think about all aspects of what will happen.

One of the ways that people first think about becoming an egg donor is when they see an advertisement asking for an egg donor. In many cases, there is some contact information and a price quote for making the donation.

The reason that many advertisements offer a large fee to attract donors is because of the process involved. Donors need to be seen by medical and legal personnel on a number of occasions. This will include medical screening, psychological sessions, and contact with a lawyer to make sure you understand what you are contracting to do.

You will also need to take drugs to increase your fertility and maximize the amount of eggs collected. The last step of the process is the collection itself which is a minor procedure that will be done at the clinic.

The money that many ads specify is to pay for the time and disruption that you experience at the time of the collection process. It can be wise to research the people that are making the advertisement before responding. This can give you peace of mind and some information before you make initial contact so that you understand the information that they will relate to you.

Researching an ad for egg donors

When you are looking at responding to an ad then it is a good idea to use any information that they have posted to search for the clinic or agency that has posted it. In many cases, they will list an email address, business name, or website. You can use this information to see what information is available about their services and most importantly how legitimate they seem.

When looking at the clinic or agency’s website check out information that they have about fertility services in general and egg donation in particular. This not only gives you more information but also lets you judge how they present the compensation, the process, and importantly the risks.

If you are happy that they are a legitimate organization and you wish to make contact then it is time to answer the advertisement. It is important to ask about the clinic and how long it has been operating and who are the members of staff. It can also be a good idea to ask about credentials and references.

It is important when you start to become involved in the process that you feel comfortable with the people that you are involved with and the process. If you do not feel comfortable then you need to reconsider and go with your instincts.

When you are looking at ads for egg donations it is important to be wary of offers that are unusually large. The highest compensation that clinics or agencies that are members of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine provide is $10,000. Ads that quote higher amounts are sometimes used to attract donors that are then offered a lesser amount. This is an important decision and it is always in your hands so take as much time as you need, talk to as many sources of fertility donation information as possible, and do what you feel is best.

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