Egg Donation Helps Couple Purchase First Home And Become Debt Free

In November 2019, Jordyn Boucha and her husband, Beau, were able to have their dream wedding by using the compensation from her first two egg donation cycles. “I know every girl dreams of her wedding and has Pinterest boards filled with inspiration for her perfect day, and I was no different,” Jordyn says. “Because of egg donation, those boards were brought to life for our wedding.”

Finding the perfect home
Knowing they did not want to wait too long before starting a family, Jordyn and Beau’s next goal was to purchase their first home. They estimated it would take about two years to save for the down payment, so they opened a high-yield savings account and began putting away money each month.

During that time, Jordyn completed two additional donation cycles. It was in the middle of her fourth cycle that she and Beau realized they did not need to wait two years because of the historically low mortgage interest rates. They began looking at houses in Plano, Texas, a booming suburb in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex known for its great schools.

“Before my last donation cycle, our budget was completely different,” Jordyn says. “We knew we wanted to be in Plano, and without that last cycle, we would have been limited to older homes that we would outgrow after one child. Thanks to egg donation, we were able to extend our budget and look at homes with enough space to grow our family and meet our work-from-home needs.”

In September 2020, they purchased a lovely two-story home with four bedrooms, an office, and a large backyard for their dogs. It was another dream come true for Jordyn, who says that growing up, her family always lived in an apartment or rental home.

“When I first became an egg donor, I didn’t think a lot about the financial aspect because it’s never been about the money for me,” she says. “But egg donation has allowed me to provide something for my family that I didn’t have growing up, and that makes me really proud.”

Path to financial independence
Since purchasing their home, Jordyn and Beau have continued their aggressive savings goals, continuing to put money away each month, and are on track to be debt free (except for their mortgage) by spring of this year. It is quite an accomplishment for a couple not yet in their 30s.

They have paid off both of their cars and are now paying down Beau’s student loan, which they anticipate will be paid off in May, three years ahead of schedule. After that, they plan to focus on starting their family and dream of having two children.

“It’s very humbling to know that I helped complete four families through egg donation,” Jordyn says. “What I didn’t consider was the incredible impact it would have on me and my family. It feels so good to know that we will be starting our family debt free. We’re not struggling, and I don’t think that would be the case without egg donation.”

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