Happy Families Created Through Egg Donation

Since Egg Donor Solutions was founded in 2013, we have helped create more than 1,000 happy families. And we couldn’t do it without our amazing donors! From couples who struggled with infertility to same-sex couples to single men and women, our intended parents come from many different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common – they rely on the generosity of egg donors to help make the family of their dreams a reality.

Here, we feature a few of the families who have shared their stories with us.

Jenn’s Family

Jenn and her husband longed to start their family and tried to conceive for several years without success. After her doctor told her it could take multiple tries with IVF to get just a few normal embryos, Jenn knew donor eggs would be her path to parenthood. “All I wanted was a family,” Jenn explained. “I didn’t want to waste any more time.”

Today, Jenn is a proud mom to her son, Bennett, who turns four in May. “Bennett is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Jenn said. “Being a parent is so much more than genetics. If I could go back in time and be given the choice to have a baby using my own eggs or have Bennett using the donor’s eggs, I would choose Bennet every time.”
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Joe’s Family

Joe is living proof that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams of parenthood. He became a single father by choice in his 50s with the help of a donor and a surrogate. “I don’t think having a child should be limited to couples or single women,” Joe said. “I always thought it would be wonderful to pass on my family legacy by having a child of my own.”

Joe’s son, Aaron, was born on July 4, 2019. “Watching Aaron become his own little person has brought me so much joy, more than I ever anticipated,” Joe said. “I absolutely love him and would do anything for him.”
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Carrie’s Family

Some couples, like Carrie and her husband, turn to egg donation to expand their families. After doing several rounds of IVF to have their daughter, Willow, they knew they wanted to continue to grow their family and give Willow a sibling. With the help of a donor, they welcomed twins, Zoe and Cooper, in 2015.

Referring to her family of five as the “crazy train,” Carrie said, “Willow was an only child for five years, so it’s very sweet now to watch her and the twins develop their own relationships outside of us. We have this wild, wonderful family. It’s how it always should have been.”
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Avni’s Story

Avni is another intended parent who longed to grow her family and provide a sibling for her child. After the birth of their daughter, Avni, and her husband tried for nearly a decade to have another child. “We were seeing how alone our daughter was feeling,” Avni said. “She was always looking for someone to play with her.”

They were finally successful in 2021 with the help of an egg donor and completed their family with the birth of their twin boys. “When you’ve been longing to have a child and the moment is finally here….it is the most wonderful experience,” Avni said. “I’m so thankful everything came together the way we wanted so we could have these two babies.”
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Hilton & Juan’s Family

After four years of marriage, Hilton and Juan knew they were ready to start a family. With the help of a donor and a gestational carrier, they welcomed their twins in 2019. In creating their own family, they also grew closer to their parents. They shared that the experience of witnessing their parents become grandparents has been indescribable.

“These babies are so special,” said Hilton and Juan. “They came into a family with so much love and a family that wanted them so much!”
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Hillary’s Family

Following an ovarian cancer diagnosis and several years of infertility, Hillary’s doctor advised that egg donation would be her best option to have the child she and her husband had always wanted. While it was not the path they had planned, Hillary said it was the “right one because it gave us Corinne,” who was born in 2015.

“She lights up our lives every day with her humor, wit, kindness, and adventurous spirit,” Hillary said. “She’s the child we were meant to have, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.”
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Could you help create a happy family?
Becoming an egg donor and helping intended parents achieve the family of their dreams is an incredibly rewarding experience. One of our donors, who helped six families, summed it up best when she said:

“Being an egg donor requires a lot of time, dedication and mental focus, but it’s 100% worth it. You know you’ve done something completely selfless. There’s no greater feeling than knowing that intend parents who couldn’t have children on their own or wanted to complete their family were able to because of me.”

Please visit www.eggdonorinformation.com or click here to learn about the criteria required to qualify as an egg donor with our program. We are committed to guiding, educating, and supporting donors throughout the egg donation process and would be honored to work with you. For questions, please contact our team at

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