How Much Time Will It Take To Be An Egg Donor?

When a woman embarks on the journey of becoming an egg donor they begin one of the noblest things anyone can do. Offering an infertile couple the ability to have the child they have struggled so long to have is something that not many women have the ability to do.

Being an egg donor can take up a lot of your time. This can change the way that some women see egg donation. When you decide to become a donor you begin a several-step process that can take some time.

Finding a Match
There is an application/profile that is completed by you about you. This is one of the longest steps. You will complete the application/profile and then wait to be matched with the right intended parents. This portion of the process can take a week to a few months just depending on how thorough you are in filling out your application and supplying the other necessary information; pictures, SAT/ACT verification, or medical records. Donors who have complete profiles with lots of information get chosen the quickest.

Completing the Screening
Once you are matched, you will be required to complete some kind of physical and psychological screenings to ensure that you continue to be the best candidate for the intended parents. Over two to eight weeks, on average, you will make these appointments; if you are out of the area then it may be required to travel one day. During this time many agencies have legal agreements drawn up between the egg donor and the intended parent, to protect you as well as the egg recipients. It is not advised to enter such an important agreement without the proper legal representation and security.
Some of the appointments can be time-consuming; they may require time off from your job or school. If you already have a family arrangements may be needed to care for them during your appointments. There are an estimated 6-10 appointments throughout the entire process and most are in the mornings between 7:00 am and 8:30 am.

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Hormonal Changes
In many cases, you will be given birth control to take for anywhere from 10 days to one month in order to make the egg donor and recipient’s cycles identical.
After the birth control, you will be required to inject hormones into your body every day and this can last a few weeks. It is important to note two things:

Injections have to be administered at the same time every day. The injections also need to be given based on the direct orders given by the doctor.

While taking the injections you will be monitored closely. This will mean frequent morning appointments to the clinic for the time frame that you are using the injections.

The doctor will be tracking your egg maturity through ultrasound, these appointments will commonly happen in the morning. These appointments are scheduled to allow you to make adjustments to your schedule. However it is NOT suitable for small children to attend, therefore childcare arrangements might need to be made.

The Retrieval
This is completed in one single procedure, however, you are suggested to rest after the cycle and no strenuous activity for a few days. If you are out of the area plan to be near the clinic for 3-10 days to ensure your safety and no problems before or after the procedure. Your agency can talk more with you about the time required away from home if necessary. If you have small children you will not be able to care for them on the day of your retrieval. Time off work or school is also important during the time you recoup.

Being an egg donor is a wonderful way to bless someone’s life as well as yours. However, it is not something that is extremely easy and effort is not required. It does take a commitment but most donors feel it is EXTREMELY worth it in the end. If you have read through the qualifications and requirements to be an egg donor and are interested, we invite you to Apply Here.

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