Rewards of Being an Egg Donor

Being an Egg DonorIf a couple is unable to build or expand their family in the ways that they hoped; they need the help of someone else. This couple is searching for the right method to fit their fertility needs. When a woman decides to become an egg donor you are able to help the infertile couple have the family they so desire.

There are so many benefits to being an egg donor. It isn’t easy to be a donor. It is time-consuming and at times can require you to rearrange your schedule to meet the needs of the egg donation cycle. However, there are some amazing rewards to being an egg donor.

Being a donor has many benefits that may not be realized from the beginning.

  • Your donation benefits the intended parents and the potential child. It may seem obvious but to the intended parents that you are a hero. The egg donor is the one to make their desire to have a healthy child in their lives come true. Your amazing egg donation can not only benefit the couple but also the child created. The child will be able to have parents that will love and raise it, the child will also know that they were loved and chosen because his or her parents went through a lot of heartache to conceive.
  • You are offering the greatest act of giving. All over the world, there are infertile couples that are finding it hard to eliminate their fertility issues. It is estimated that 8% of couples are infertile and search for options to help them have a family. The egg donor gets to be that gift for the couple, allowing them the ability to have a family. This is one of the most trusting and noble things that any woman can do, giving her egg to another to have a child they would otherwise not have.

There are selfish benefits as well. It may seem selfish to think of the benefits that are only yours. It is generous to become an egg donor and you will be remembered by the couple forever, however, you will be compensated by participating in an egg donation cycle. An individual will be compensated anywhere from $5,500 to $10,000 for their time and commitment. Another benefit is that the egg will often be screened medically to qualify for the process and it can help a donor learn more about themselves and their family’s health history. Lastly, most women feel a real sense of pride for being able to make such a difference.

No matter the circumstances that have caused you to decide to be an egg donor, never forget that you are doing one of the most selfless things another person can give an infertile couple. As a donor, you will not only be giving a child the ability to grow healthy, happy, and loved. You are also offering an infertile couple a chance that they may never have gotten another way.

What is one of the reasons you decided to be an egg donor?

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