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Welcome to our Egg Donor Blog. This is a place where you can share your experiences, encourage other donors, and ask questions. Feel free to connect with other donors and our staff. We want this to be a positive resource for you!

Is Egg Donation right for you?

Egg donation is not a simple scenario. There are still considerations you need to think about and possibly discuss with your significant other or close friends before deciding if donating is right for you.

Woman must bear in mind that egg donation requires thorough decision process for the sake of the future undertakings she might encounter, may it be beneficial or not. Before getting involved in the process of egg donation, you need to be conscious about these things. Mental preparedness, educate yourself, deliberate within yourself the consequences you might bump into after several years.

Most cycles are unidentified, so you will never learn or know the child that was conceived out of your donated eggs. It is helpful to be in a stable environment with supportive family and friends near by.

Physical preparedness, it is best to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. These requirements include the physical preparation of a woman for the donation process. Women, who have incurred mental or health problems are advised not to go through the egg donation process. In order to be eligible in the process, you need to refrain from sexual activity, drinking alcohols, doing drugs, and certain medications. If you can do these things, it will help to ensure you’re physically prepared before plunging into an egg donation cycle.

What to expect? A physical similarity is a reflection for a family or couple in choosing the egg donor. Donors are picked based from her physical profile pictures, and videos. You will undergo injections once or twice a day for your preparation.

You will also be undergoing blood draws and ultrasounds regularly to monitor your response to the medications. It is also very helpful to have a flexible schedule & childcare arrangements, if you have children, because there will be several doctors appointments to take place prior to the actual egg retrieval.

One benefit of becoming an egg donor, is you get to learn about your own genetics and fertility health. You learn your genetic make up and if you could potentially be a carrier for any genetic mutations, some of which are common and others can be more of a significant concern. The retrieval is a simple surgery under sedation will be done after ten-twenty days to retrieve the eggs.

There are basic risks associated with surgery and we recommend you research these to feel confident in your decision. We are available anytime to dicuss in questions, concerns in detail that you may have. Most donors however return to their normal activities one day after the retrieval procedure.

There is no out of pocket expense to you through the process. After the entire process of egg donation, your compensation will be available. Donors use this extra income in all different ways from buying cars, homes, paying of student loans, paying for weddings or taking lavish trips. .If you decide to travel as an egg donor, we cover those expenses as well. Many of our donors prefer to travel and explore new cities as a donor, they also get to bring a travel companion.

Testimony of a 4x Egg Donor

I have donated for four families! I know that 3 out of the 4 families have conceived! My profile says that my first donation has frozen for a later transfer, I hope that they have conceived as well or will in the future. 

I learned about Egg Donor Solutions via an ad on the radio. I looked into it because it sounded so interesting. I was in college, working full time, and a newly wed. We just paid for our wedding and we were struggling financially.  

It was a chunk of change that would help my husband and my financial situation greatly. I had signed up to be a bone marrow donor and never got matched, I had a “why not?” kind of attitude thinking I would never get selected.

To be even more transparent, I was in it for the money in the beginning.

Once a family picks you and the contracts started, is when my husband and I had some tough conversations and I actually started to feel the weight of my decision to be an egg donor.  

There are hard questions asked and you can only answer them honestly and what you think is right for you, the family, and the future child/children. Some uncomfortable things have to be done and it takes dedication and responsibility to complete a cycle.

I thought I had a good understanding of what I was doing as an egg donor… and it was actually a good thing, a great thing even. I had many conversations with people talking about how awesome it was for us helping a family extend their family. But only until I became a parent did I understand the magnitude and beauty of being a parent.

I am a mother of an almost 2 year old. I never would have understood the greatness of what I was participating in until recently suffering from a miscarriage. I got a glimpse of what my families possibly went through, maybe many times, and experience that gut wrenching feeling personally.


There’s so much anonymity throughout it all, only years later do I feel somewhat knowledgeable about egg donation, the process and how everything works! But everything I’ve learned has only fortified the pride and joy I feel for having donated. 

Three of my donations were local donations and my last donation I traveled to Arizona! My favorite experience was when I traveled. I don’t leave Texas often, but my trip to Arizona was phenomenal.

I got to have an experience whilst going to doctors appointments and injecting myself with hormones to prepare for retrieval. The intended parents of that donation were what opened my eyes the most. I have never met them but upon arrival I was given a heartfelt gift and letter, after retrieval they sent me flowers.

Just their love and support for me, a stranger,  was eye opening on just how amazing this whole process is! I still get teary eyed thinking about it and I’m still thankful for them going above and beyond their “contract” to make me feel appreciated.

My local donations were all happening in the midst of my personal, busy life- I spent a great deal crying happy tears (blame the hormones) during that time in Arizona because I was allotted a moment to dedicate myself to a family who needed me. I didn’t get that opportunity with previous donations and their letters helped me realize just how grateful I was for the experience and opportunity to help all my families. I was being thanked profusely and I actually got to take a moment and be thankful with them. 

I helped 3, hopefully 4, families achieve a dream.

The BEST dream.

I am thankful to the families who selected me and allowed me to be a part of their journeys to conceive. And of course the money was helpful… it’s sort of icing on the cake.

I would love for my families to know that their investment in me helped me get through college, pay off debt from our wedding, and supported a few endeavors like a piano and braces!  They helped me achieve goals!

I pray for nothing but success, happiness, and love for all going through this process or even thinking about it.

Traveling Tips

Egg Donors can choose to donate locally in the city they live in or travel to an intended parent’s clinic to allow them to be matched with intended parents quicker.  After you have become an egg donor it is important to think of travel if you are open to the latter. Egg donors that are local to the fertility clinic they are working with invest less time off from work, parental responsibilities, as well as school. However, if you live out of state it can be more complicated and it is important that you are educated on this.

Safe Travels

Being prepared is one of the best ways to combat the stress of traveling during the egg donation cycle. Having a care coordinator can help in the process. They are able to arrange fights, transportation, sleeping accommodations, and setting expectations for the city you will be in. A quality agency will be happy to walk you through this process, you should not navigate it on your own.

During the pandemic, we are committed to serving our intended parents & our donors. We are committed to creating families safely and working together. While traveling may look different, we are supplying our donors with masks & sanitizers. We are closely following CDC updates & following ASRM guidelines.

Before the Journey

It is important to know that preparation is essential to the journey. However even the best prepared person can undergo stress during egg donation.

  • Know your destination addresses. Write down addresses to important locations such as the hotels, clinics, donor facility, and other locations. Even if a rental car or phone has GPS, you may be riding in a taxi, Uber, Lyft and the addresses written down can be important.
  • Know your routes. Look up the locations that you will be attending and determine how long you will need to get from one location to another. This can help you determine the mileage and your time frame needed to get to the different locations. Knowing these routes can help you determine the cost of the transportation in a taxi.
  • Check the weather. Know the weather that you’re going to expect. Rain or snow may delay your transportation to your location. Weather can also delay flights or cause traffic issues.
  • Be prepared with contact information.  Have the information of your care coordinator, hotel, and fertility clinic either written down or in your phone.  Never hesitate to contact them for extra help.

Don’t Forget

Sometimes the simple things can slip our mind when we are in a rush, or worried over the outcomes of the impending egg donation process.

  • Medications and Luggage: It isn’t uncommon for luggage to be lost, so be sure to pack essentials in a carry-on bag. Remember to keep your medications in your carry-on bags. Remember to have a doctor’s note so that the airlines will allow you to have the medications.
  • Punctuality: It is important to be on time for your appointment during the egg donation process. Many egg donation retrievals happen during the morning and being punctual is critical. Consider using the wake-up services at the hotel you are staying in. Double up on wake-up reminders.
  • Ensure you understand when your medications are to be taken. Many clinics provide times either via email, phone, or even a patient portal. It is helpful if you share this information with your care coordinator so she can support you.

Enjoy and Relax

It is important that even during the stressful time of egg donations you are able to relax. Enjoy the scenery of the city that you are visiting. Know your accommodation ahead of time; know if there is WIFI or an airport shuttle. Bring your camera and visit the sites; bring some things that relax you like music or books. Each egg donor is encouraged to bring their spouse/partner, other family member, or friend to be there with you through the egg donation process and retrieval.  This will keep you at ease and also as a bonus you have someone to enjoy the sites with you.

Donor visiting San Antonio River Walk during her retrieval.

Care Coordinator

Most egg donation agencies have Care Coordinators or Case Managers to help you through the process from start to finish. Be sure to have your Care Coordinator’s information written down in case something happens to your phone. They are able to help when you get into trouble even though they aren’t with you.

Keep your Care Coordinator up to date on how you are doing. She is always just a phone call away and will be your advocate if you need one.

No matter what happens be relaxed; enjoy the journey through the egg donation cycle.

Hip Hip Hooray, it is retrieval day.

We are so thankful for your willingness to help create families! Be the solution. Create a happy family. Benefit Financially.