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Welcome to our Egg Donor Blog. This is a place where you can share your experiences, encourage other donors, and ask questions. Feel free to connect with other donors and our staff. We want this to be a positive resource for you!

Tips & tricks for making your donor profile stand out

Do you feel like you’ve been waiting forever to get matched? The good thing is, nothing lasts forever, and that’s quite true. Your time to get picked will come. While waiting to get matched, review your profile, and work on making it stand out.

One popular question we get from our donors is  How do I make my profile stand out? The best advice we can give is: always BE YOURSELF. Make your profile a reflection of who you are, and the person you want to be. Let your profile speak for yourself. Make it alive as if you are there personally, talking to Intended Parents looking at your profile. It only takes Intended Parents a few minutes to scan over so many profiles. Those minutes are crucial, so you should make it count. Make an impact, make a connection.

So what is the formula to a stand out profile? Here are a few things you can do.

  • Highlight your best. Your aim here is to make your profile stand out. Highlight your best qualities such as your hobbies, talents, personal and educational achievements, etc. Bring out your personality, let it radiate. Talk about things you are passionate about. A stand-out profile will always come out as honest and sincere, never exaggerated.
  • Pay attention to every detail. This one really counts. Look at your profile as your resume. Be aware of typos and wrong spellings, incomplete sentences, we understand that the application is long and asks for a lot of information. Give yourself ample time to sit down & complete the application.
  • Choose your pictures wisely. You have 25 slots to impress Intended Parents. IP’s would love to see you at different stages of your life. Therefore, use this platform wisely, and don’t just add random pictures you can find to fill the slots. We understand that not everybody can provide childhood photos, but the more pictures, the better. Always choose flattering pictures that bring out the best in you. Please use caution when you are adding too many selfies. Instead, we suggest good quality head shots taken by another person. Add a few photos of your family, Intended Parents would love to know more about you.
  • Consider adding a short video. A short 10-minute video is all it takes, and we can even assist you with this! We will record it for you via Zoom (a video conference platform). You’ll be asked to answer 4 easy questions and we’ll record your answers, edit and upload the video on your profile.
  • Always update your profile every 6 months. A lot can change in the next six months. You may have graduated college, moved to a new city, gotten a new job, got married and had a baby. Always make sure to keep your profile updated. For you, these events may not seem related, but it does.

For now, enjoy the moment and think positive. There will always be Intended Parents looking for the right donor, looking for the right fit, and the right time.

How To Improve Your Memory

Your memory plays a crucial role in your life. It is because of your memory that you can remember simple things such as your name and home address or more complicated things such as memorizing by heart the multiplication table, solving the average velocity of a car, or learning new words in a new language. But sadly, as one ages, so does one’s memory. Memory lapses can happen at any age, to anyone. Thanks to science and intensive research, there are now ways to protect and sharpen your mind. Here are the major strategies you can try out.

1.     Get some sleep, power naps included.

Don’t underestimate the effects of sleep. According to research, sleeping enhances your memory and helps you “practice” and improve your performance of challenging skills. Taking a nap (especially after learning something new) helps in retaining those memories, recharges your brain, and keeps it sharp.

2.         Feed your brain.

What you eat (and don’t eat) has a big impact on your memory. Maximize your brain’s ability by eating the right stuff. Excellent foods for the brain are blueberries, nuts, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, turmeric, avocado, salmon, nuts, eggs, green tea, and dark chocolate. These foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids,anthocyanin, and antioxidants.

3.     Move your body.

Keeping your body active is good not just for your waist and heart but also for your brain as well. Regular exercise increases your heart rate and maintains the flow of blood, carrying the right amount of oxygen and nutrients that your brain needs. When the nutrients don’t make it there, the brain’s ability to function is compromised. So, the next time you feel like your memory is failing you, take a few minutes to exercise and move. You’ll be surprised how a short walk around the block, or a quick jog, clears your mind and improves memory.

4.     Meditate

You can benefit a lot if you know how to meditate correctly. Meditation improves your ability to concentrate and focus and it decreases your stress level and improves your memory.

5.    Keep your brain active. Recent studies show that keeping your brain active helps delay memory loss. There are many ways to keep your brain busy. Simple tasks like reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing cards, learning a new language, or mastering a new skill are ways to keep your brain active.  By doing new activities beyond your comfort zone, you are keeping your memory sharp.

Self-care tips before and after your egg donation

With egg donation, you help create parents and help form a family, which is nothing short of amazing. But egg donation is not for everyone. Your psychological, mental, emotional and physical health are all important.  Your health is screened from the start of the application process and must be maintained until the very end of the egg retrieval process. We want to ensure your health and safety in addition to ensuring your stability for the intended parents.

Being selected and matched can be as quick as a few days or may take as long as a year. For new and experienced donors, getting a call for our team and being told you were chosen for a match can be surreal and is always super exciting. During this time, there is a waiting period. This is a good time to prepare for your crucial role and ensure you are organized and ready for the next steps.  Remember to maintain a sound mind and a healthy body for the big day.

Here are a few self-care tips you can do while waiting:

  1. Take good care of your body as if these future embryos are yours to use.
  2. Keep your body fit. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, and keep away from stressful or life-threatening activities as much as you possibly can.
  3. Enjoy your routine but avoid excessive alcohol (and even soda) intake, smoking, and other drug use. If medication is needed, consult first with your agency and physician.
  4. Aim for a sound and peaceful mind. Breathing exercises can do just that, and yoga can be very helpful as well.
  5. Keep yourself productive. Find a hobby. Read a book. Learn something new. Take that hike. Or simply just complete everything on your “To-do list”.
  6. Lastly, stay positive and be happy. Happiness is everywhere, you just need to know where to look. Appreciate the moment.

After the retrieval:

Your body has been through a lot over the past few weeks. You’ve undergone a series of tests and early appointments. Your emotions have just been through a cycle of ups and downs. After retrieval day, your role as an egg donor is complete and you have nothing left to do but to go home, rest, and recover. When your doctor tells you to go home and recover, take this seriously.