Are Older Celebs Having Children Raising Expectations?

There are a growing number of older high profile celebrities having children in their forties and even their fifties. This has resonated with older women that want to have a child that then become disheartened when they are unable to conceive.

Some fertility experts would note that celebrities are usually fitter than average and have the ability to obtain the best medical care. This however is not the most likely reason for their successful conception and delivery at their later stage of life. It would be assumed that many of them used some sort of infertility treatment and some even donor eggs to conceive.

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This is a particularly hard issue to balance because of the wide publicity that these celebrities attract and in some cases actively seek. They have a right to privacy so many choose to not answer questions about the use of fertility treatments. However, people do need to be aware that this may be the reason behind their super-fertility so that they understand that if they wish to have children at this age they likely will also need to seek the assistance of a fertility specialist.

If you are considering a child and are more mature than a visit to a fertility specialist can assess your chances for conception and the chances for problems such as increased risk of birth defects or miscarriage. This will put things in perspective and allow you to make a more informed decision.

Age is only one issue that could positively or negatively affect the chances of conception and of having a full term health baby. There are things that you can do to improve your chances by changing your lifestyle. If the risks are worth it for the chance of a child then the effort to improve your chances should be equally high.

Your fertility specialist can advise quite a number of changes that you can make that will improve your chances. They include basic things like ensuring you are at a healthy weight and that the diet that you eat is balanced and full of nutrition. Exercise is a great positive but overdoing it can be equally as detrimental as not doing anything. Drugs, alcohol and stress are all things that can negatively impact your fertility.
Sometimes our bodies just cannot produce eggs that are viable any more. Some people have frozen eggs from earlier in life or do multiple cycles to have more eggs to choose from.

Each person must decide what is best for them. However, everything is not usually how it seems. The glitzy glamour that celebrities portray never shows the anguish behind the scenes it only shows the joy when everything has worked out well.

We know at Egg Donor Solutions that sometimes as an intended parent you have felt mislead by your situation and definitely caught off guard by your diagnoses. We are an intimate agency that has a knowledgeable staff who also really does care. We would love to know more about your journey and how we can best serve you. Please feel free to contact us at

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