Finding the Right Egg Donor for Your Family

How the EDS Match Team Can Help

How do you find the right egg donor to help you create your happy family? With endless agency websites and donor profiles to review, the idea can feel overwhelming for many intended parents (IPs). One thing that sets Egg Donor Solutions (EDS) apart from other agencies is how our team guides and supports IPs throughout the egg donation process, starting with helping them find the donor who is the best match for their family.

Our EDS Match Team, which has facilitated more than 800 successful egg donation cycles, includes Executive Director Katy Encalade, Match Coordinator Christina Ferrero, and Administrative Specialist Courtney Solstad.  

“We’re committed to helping IPs find the best egg donor for their family and providing as much information as possible to help them make that decision,” Katy says. “We talk with all of our IPs at the beginning of their journey about what they are looking for in an egg donor and what is most important to them. Some IPs choose a donor very quickly, and others need more time. We’re here to provide support, answer questions and make recommendations to help IPs choose the right donor to help them build their families.”

Below are the steps in our matching process:

Step 1: Create an account
You can create an account for free and gain immediate access to our egg donor database.

Step 2: Consult with the EDS Match Team
You will receive a phone call from a member of our Match Team within 48 hours of registering with the EDS site. We will walk you through the egg donation process, which takes approximately three months (depending on your clinic’s schedule) once you have selected a donor. You will also be informed of all the costs involved and when payments are due. We do this upfront, so there are no surprises during your cycle.

In addition, you’ll be asked about what you are looking for in an egg donor and what is most important to you. Is it a specific trait or aptitude, physical characteristics, personality, health, education, or similar interests? Our Match Team is available to help guide you in your search and make recommendations to help you choose the right donor for your family. Oftentimes, IPs tell us they chose their donor because of the connection they felt to her based on her profile or video.

Step 3: Review donor profiles
We have about 350 donors in our egg donor database. Donors are contacted by a member of our team every four to six months to ensure their profiles are up-to-date, and they are still available to serve as an egg donors. As you begin to review profiles, you can filter your search by age, ethnicity, physical characteristics such as height, hair color, eye color, etc., education, and proven donors.

Step 4: Narrow your search and request additional information if desired
As you begin to narrow your search, you may contact our Match Team at any time to request more information about a specific donor and/or request additional photos or a video (if one has not already been included with the donor’s profile). You may also request a three-day hold for a specific donor at no charge to decide if the donor is right for you and your family.

Step 5: Secure your desired egg donor Once you have chosen a donor, we will send you a retainer agreement for our agency. You will have seven days to review the agreement and sign and return it to our office, along with a $2,000 agency fee deposit. In the rare event that the donor does not pass medical screening or opts to not move forward with the cycle, your deposit is either refundable or transferable to another egg donor in our program.

Once you have secured your donor, our team will be happy to arrange a three-way call or video chat between you and the donor, if it’s desired and agreeable to both parties. You and your donor will be assigned a Care Coordinator, who will guide you both through the remainder of the process, including medical screening, legal agreements, travel arrangements for the donor (as needed), and coordination with your clinic for the donor’s medication, monitoring, and egg retrieval. 

Are you an indented parent searching for the right egg donor to help you create your happy family? Learn more about our intended parent process at or contact us at for more information.

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