Things to look for when choosing an Egg Donation Agency 

Choosing an Egg Donation Agency is a big decision that should be made with confidence due to the nature of the decision. There are several ways to go about choosing which agency is best for you. Some Intended Parents choose based on the agency’s location, cost, recommendations from friends, family or even their doctor. Some choose to research agencies on the internet, or ask for referrals from their fertility clinic. Building a family through egg donation is a big decision.  

Here are 6 factors that might be helpful when choosing the best Egg Donation Agency to partner with: 

Is superior customer service a priority for the agency? 

You will not want to work with an agency that is unresponsive or uncaring. Look for an agency that is personable. It is easier to have ONE contact that can walk you through the process then to have multiple people popping in at various times. Having ONE contact that you can feel confident to return your calls and/or emails promptly is important. Is the agency flexible and willing to meet with or talk with you during evening or weekend hours? You will want to feel like they are 100% committed to you and will make your needs top priority! 

Does the Agency care about the well-being of the intended parents and place importance on the cycle being successful? 

There are never guarantees that an egg donation cycle will be successful.  At times, an egg donor does not pass a day-3 or STD screening, they might not respond well to the medication or after a few weeks they might decide that being an egg donor is not right for them.  This can lead to a disrupted or canceled cycle. Finding an agency who understands how important it is to you that your egg donation cycle is successful and will work with you to find another egg donor at no additional charge no matter what stage of the egg donation cycle you are in, is important. An agency who is focused on helping you have a baby not just assisting you through ONE egg donation cycle, should bring you confidence.   

Legal Considerations of Egg Donation: Why You Should Have a Direct Donor Agreement?  

One of the most important aspects of the egg donation process we help facilitate for intended parents (IPs) is the direct legal agreement with their donor. Once a donor has passed the medical and psychological screening, the IPs and the donor will have the opportunity to consult separately with attorneys who specialize in assisted reproduction to craft a customized contract that is agreeable to both parties. This is a service that sets Egg Donor Solutions (EDS) apart from many fertility clinics with in-house donor programs and frozen egg banks where having a direct agreement with the donor is typically not an option. At Egg Donor Solutions, “One of the greatest advantages for IPs in having a direct donor agreement is the ability to tailor the agreement to their specific needs and desires (within the bounds of the law),” says Jenifer Chiles, an attorney with the Dallas-based Chiles & Warren Law Group. “If the IPs have a certain request or desire, we can see if it’s something the donor will agree to and have it included in the contract.” 

Does the agency educate their donors BEFORE being matched with an intended parent(s) on commitment level needed, the egg donation process, and the possible complications associated with being an egg donor? 

Reading through their content on the egg donor portion of their site will offer you more insight into the amount of education that is offered to potential egg donors. It is also helpful to ask the agency about their screening process and the determining factors and qualifications required for a potential donor. 

Does the agency offer you the ability to see potential egg donor profiles for free? 

Egg Donation agencies are all different.  Knowing that you want an agency who can help you find the right fit for you and your family, it’s best to find an agency that makes the process easy for you.  Some agencies require a consultation with you to discuss your needs and then will send you appropriate donor candidates. Others allow you to search their database immediately. It should never cost you money to see egg donor candidates with an agency.  Look to see what their policies are during the initial search process.  

When it comes to choosing an Egg Donor, there are many decisions to be made. It can feel overwhelming. Ultimately, you will want to pick a donor who you feel comfortable with. Egg Donor Solutions has added an option for Egg Donors to upload a video to help you get a feel for their personality. Most Intended Parents find it helpful to make a list of “must have” and “would be nice if.” Having this list helps when you start to look at profiles, more on the ideal donor here

Can you easily find the agency’s fees listed online? 

If the agency’s fees are listed up front, it will help ensure that you are prepared for the costs of using an egg donor. You will not want to work with an agency that nickels and dimes their intended parents with fees for consultations, phone calls with donors, rematching fees, etc. 

Thank you for your interest in our Egg Donation Program! 
We know the journey to creating your happy family has likely been long and difficult to navigate. At Egg Donor Solutions we want to help make that a distant memory. We have a compassionate and experienced team that truly enjoys serving our clients to ensure you can enjoy this part of the journey. We will assist you as little or as much as you want in order to help you find a great donor for your family. Once you do select an egg donor, you will be assigned a Care Coordinator who will guide and support you and your egg donor through the entire egg donation cycle to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Do you have more questions about moving forward with the egg donor process or questions about Egg Donor Solutions specifically? Schedule a time with our Egg Donor Matching Team to learn more. 

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