Thinking about having an out of state donor? If so, you are in good hands…

Finding and selecting the right egg donor for your family can prove to be a stressful and challenging task. Many times, a perfect candidate with your criteria’s may not be available locally. Often than not, she may be living on the opposite geographic state you are in. No need to worry. If an out of state donor is your perfect choice but distance is more of your concern, our agency is just the right one to help you.  Egg Donor Solutions is a nationwide agency working with clinics, recipients, and egg donors across the country and WE make things possible.

Here are a few good reasons why an out of state donor can be a good choice for you:

First, most of our egg donors are willing to travel within the country. We discuss in each egg donor’s interview what it means to travel and the commitment involved. Upon match, we will double check all of this again with them ensure they have time off from school, work, or help at home if needed.

Travel fees are reasonable. Our team is committed to being good stewards of your money. We book travel for over half of our egg donor cycles and so our team finds affordable rates for your donor’s entire trip. We will estimate these fees initially and you will receive a refund of any unused expenses.

We will handle the scheduling. We work with your fertility clinic and your donor to ensure she is where she needs to be and when. You will not have to deal with any of the booking.

We assist your primary physician in setting you donor up for all her monitoring appointments. We will organize the scheduling and payment for all of her out of town appointments. This will free up the team at your clinic to focus on other aspects of the cycle.

If you would like to know more about finding Out-of-state egg donors, contact us and visit our website. Because at  Egg Donor Solutions, we are 100% committed to helping you build your family and we are excited to be a part of this journey with you.

We help Intended Parents Create Happy Families via Egg Donation & Surrogacy with the help of caring Egg Donors & Surrogates.

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