What is AMH

AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is a hormone that can help assess a woman’s fertility and determine her ovarian reserve, which refers to the number of follicles developing in the ovary at a specific time. When it comes to choosing an egg donor, the expectations for AMH levels may differ from those of intended mothers undergoing IVF themselves.

For egg donors, most clinics typically require an AMH level of 2.0 or 2.5 and above. This threshold is used to ensure that the donor has a sufficient ovarian reserve and is likely to produce an adequate number of quality eggs during the egg donation cycle. It’s important to consult with your physician or the clinic you’re working with to determine whether a donor’s AMH levels are acceptable for the egg donation process.

In some cases, if a donor’s AMH level is within a broad range or if there are concerns about her fertility potential, the clinic may order an ultrasound or further tests to gather more information and make an informed decision about proceeding with the donor.

One advantage of screening AMH levels in egg donors is that it can be done at any point during the donor’s cycle. Unlike some other fertility tests, donors do not have to wait for a specific time in their menstrual cycle to undergo AMH testing. This flexibility allows intended parents to quickly assess a donor’s fertility potential and determine if she is a suitable match without having to make a financial or emotional commitment upfront.

Egg Donor Solutions, mentioned in your message, offers the option to reserve an egg donor and have her AMH testing completed without requiring payment of an agency fee. This allows intended parents to gather important information about the donor’s fertility status before making a financial commitment.

It’s essential to have open communication with your fertility clinic and follow their guidelines regarding AMH levels and other screening criteria when choosing an egg donor. Every clinic may have its own specific requirements and protocols, so consulting with medical professionals who specialize in reproductive medicine will provide you with the most accurate and personalized information.


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