Congrats! You Are Pregnant


We are thrilled for you! As many super heroes are quoted “With great power comes great responsibility”, and pregnancy is one of those powers. There are so many exciting milestones to come, but we will first point out a few areas to air in caution. Of course, these are just suggestions!

Your Diet

There are some possible hazards that one should avoid while pregnant.

  • Excessive Caffeine: Miscarriage and low birth weight have been linked to cases of excessive caffeine use; however these instances are from high milligrams per day, excesses of 300 milligrams.  A can of soda or a cup of coffee is okay. Remember moderation and don’t become excessive.
  • Specific Foods: There are certain reactions to different types of food that can cause trouble during pregnancy.
    • Cheeses such as brie and feta, or undercooked meats (for example – fish, and poultry) can contain listeria bacteria. Listeriosis can cause preterm labor, miscarriage, and even stillbirth. The symptoms can include nausea, fever, fatigue, chills, and other non-specific symptoms.
    • Seafood, especially swordfish, and shark, can contain high levels of mercury and other toxins. Consuming these foods while pregnant can cause fetal developmental delays.
    • Many people also recommend using aspartame during pregnancy rather than saccharine, we recommend consulting with your physician on their recommendation.

At Home

Everywhere we look there are dangers during pregnancy. However, in our own homes, we have some dangers that might not be as obvious as others.

  • Cat Litter: During your pregnancy is the one time that you can get out of doing litter clean-up duty. Toxoplasmosis is most commonly caused by the parasites that reside in cat feces. This can be dangerous because it may cause health problems to the baby not only preterm labor, or miscarriage.
  • Cleaning Products: Cleaning your home can open you to a whole host of toxins that can cause harm to the developing baby during your pregnancy. Be sure to read labels before using the chemicals. Wear protective gear; ensure that the place you are cleaning is well-ventilated. Try to avoid solvents, oven cleaners, and aerosols.


As with any pregnancy, stress can be something that is hard to avoid. With all that is anticipated to come relaxing is hard to do but it will be best for both you and the baby. Stress is linked to preterm birth and low birth weights, triggering contractions and reducing blood flow. One of the most significant stressors is a woman’s job. If you have a high-stress or high-pressure job you may want to reduce the workload.

Find ways to reduce stress throughout your pregnancy. Your local area may have classes that you can take for prenatal yoga or other stress-relieving exercises. Learn techniques for relaxation. Be sure that no matter what else you do keep yourself surrounded by people who are supportive.

Maintaining a healthy and happy pregnancy isn’t too difficult as long as you can remember some of the dangers that exist and safeguard yourself. If you ever have questions contact your primary healthcare provider.

There are many resources to help you get through your pregnancy. Egg Donor Solutions always recommends that you seek advice from your health care provider but we also understand the benefits of support after the long journey.  Look for personal groups with support as well as online.  You will be glad you found that community. 

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