Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and we want to wish all the new dads at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions a very Happy Father’s Day! Our team always loves receiving updates from the parents with whom we’ve had the honor of supporting along their journeys. It’s a joy to hear about the precious memories and traditions they are building with their new families. In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to share a few unique gift ideas to celebrate this special occasion.

Personalized Storybooks Reading to your baby is one of the best things you can do for his or her development. It’s also an incredible way to bond with your child. A personalized storybook that captures the special relationship between dads and sons or dads and daughters is a keepsake gift that will be enjoyed for many years.

Wonderbly offers a variety of customizable books for Father’s Day with titles such as My Daddy the Superhero, Daddy’s Magic Hugs, and I Love Daddy This Much. Sensitive Matters is a publishing company that offers personalized children’s books for families created through donor conception, surrogacy and adoption. The Magic of You allows you to customize the story to help explain the special way in which your child was conceived, whether your family includes a mom and a dad, two dads, two moms or a single parent. See options available here: https://www.sensitivematters.net/c/80/the-magic-of-you.

Photo Books and Other Personalized Gifts Most new parents have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of their baby. After all, babies change so quickly, you want to be sure to document every age and stage. A photo book is a popular Father’s Day gift that captures those special memories – one that Dad will surely treasure. Companies like Shutterfly, Mixbook, Snapfish and others allow you to create a photo book with ease by uploading photos directly from your phone. They also offer many other gift options that can be personalized with photos, including calendars, mugs, blankets, pillows and more.

Handprint Crafts There are few things sweeter than when your child wraps his or her tiny hand around yours. It’s no wonder handprint crafts are another popular Father’s Day gift. Simply search “Father’s Day handprint crafts” online, and you’ll have numerous ideas at your fingertips. Some of our favorites are linked below.


We want to say ‘thank you’ to all the intended and recipient fathers we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past year. It is truly our honor to guide and support you on your journey, and we wish you a Happy Father’s Day! If you would be interested in sharing your story to inspire other intended parents, we would love to feature you on our Intended Parents blog! Please send an email to Barette@CreateAHappyFamily.com.    



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