Is it possible to save on Fertility Medications?

Modern fertility drugs have come a long way both in effectiveness and safety and this helps many people that are having fertility problems conceive bringing joy into their lives. If you have insurance coverage that includes fertility issues then the financial side can be much less of a problem but this is not common. In most cases people have to pay the complete cost for medications entirely from their own pocket. This can be very expensive depending on the exact fertility issue and the treatment and drugs involved.
There are some options that you can look at which can make it easier to afford. Everything has positives and negatives so you need to carefully consider your option before making any decisions.

Unused Fertility Drugs
One area that is controversial is the practice of people buying unused fertility drugs. There are fairly open message boards at some fertility clinics where people leave contact details and information about unused drugs. It is common that during the course of treatment patients have unused medications. You may be able to talk with your clinic about some left over medications they have from a previous cycle. It is never recommended to buy something and use it without your clinics knowledge.

There are many good and bad stories about experiences finding unused drugs on the Internet and buying drugs from overseas. There are however some reputable pharmacies that you can buy through online (with a prescription) that can be more affordable.
We never recommend purchasing medications from an unreliable source to ”get a good deal”.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a very good way to obtain fertility drugs in exchange for participating and providing information. There are a lot of clinical trials that are aimed at improving effectiveness and looking at delivery options.
Things like a drug that is normally injected by a nurse being trailed for home use with a pen delivery system or a patch. Another common type of trail is looking at dosage levels and dosage times. This would be perhaps a single nightly dose instead of three times a day.
It is important to fully understand the clinical trial before signing up and your Doctor or fertility specialist can explain how appropriate or not a particular trial may be.

There are some great resources to help fulfill your medication needs. We recommend speaking with you reproductive endocrinologist to decide what is going to benefit you and your family.

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