Support during egg donation

When conception is a problem and your fertility specialist has exhausted all the options that might allow you to use your own eggs then you may need to think about using This is a major decision and should be approached without emotion and with all of the information that you need.

There are a lot of women that have gone through this process and talking with them can help to explain everything about the process and how they felt before during and after. The choice to proceed or not is always your own and it comes down to how you feel about the situation.

Groups exist, and this includes support groups that are involved with recipients and with donors. These groups try to be as supportive as possible and to give as much information as possible so that recipients and donors can make a fully informed decision. You might consider joining groups in your local community so that you can find out more information and talk to people that have been through the process face to face.

It can be intimidating, and some people are less comfortable about discussing these deeply personal issues and would prefer more anonymity. There are online communities that have chat groups and forums that are you can join.

One of the cornerstones of helping people that cannot conceive with their own eggs is the donors that allow their eggs to be donated so that others have the chance to have a baby. It can be informative to look at how they are chosen and what they need to do to become an egg donor, it requires time an effort but has great rewards.

Egg Donors

In talking with egg donors, each donor has different reasons for donating. Some are altruistic and want to help people. Maybe they have had a friend or family member struggle to build their family while others are more interested in being able to make some extra money. In most cases it is a bit of both. The best egg donors are exited to help a family and the financial compensation is a bonus.

Egg Recipients

The technology of in vitro fertilization (IVF) which is the base technology that implants a fertilized egg has only been around for thirty-five years and has become a safe and effective technique. You may not know that there are about six thousand children born every year in America with the help of donor eggs.

The chance of having multiple births is much higher when using because most implantation sessions use multiple eggs to give the highest success rate but also 40% chance of more than one egg being successful. There are procedures that only implant a single egg and keep other eggs frozen for later implantation.

The decision can be very difficult when trying to balance a higher chance of multiples that also carries a higher success rate. Other factors particularly age can help you and your Doctor decide the best course of action and how many eggs to implant.      

An Agency

If you decide that either donating eggs or being a recipient is a good choice for you often it is confusing where to start.  One recommendation is to find an Egg Donation Agency that can help walk you through the process.  An agency will guide you through matching with a recipient or egg donor and will also ensure all steps are taken to preserve your autonomy if desired.

If you are ready to take the next step we encourage you to reach out to us and we can help you navigate through this journey. 

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